stefan caroline vampire diaries season 1 'The Vampire Diaries': 10 reasons Stefan and Caroline should make out immediatelySo, here’s the thing. I’m totally loving this season of “The Vampire Diaries,” with all the new plot twists (the sire bond! the cure! Katherine having a heart underneath her layers of evil!) and compelling characters (Silas! Shane! Hayley! And especially Rebekah, but absolutely not April!).

Of course, I love that Damon and Elena are together — or at least, were, before her humanity switcheroo turned her into some kind of evil soulless Heather. I think it’s about time that Damon’s feelings be requited, and all the complications their relationship has suffered this season have only made them stronger.

However, I do have one complaint about Season 4: I really, really miss seeing Stefan as the romantic hero. We got a glimpse of that when he took Rebekah to the ’80s dance, but it was short-lived, since he was just wooing her into vulnerability. And, since Rebekah is ultimately bound for New Orleans, that faux-romance is bound to be short-lived anyway. Plus, she just snapped his neck on a haunted island. That kind of thing can’t really be erased by make-up sex, you know?

Stefan Salvatore was made for epic romance. But not with Rebekah. And right now, definitely not with Elena. Thus, I present to you: 10 Reasons Stefan and Caroline Should Make Out.

1. They have tried to kill each other zero times. In Mystic Falls, this is a rare and special thing. Even when Stefan was basking in his ripper glory, he never went after Caroline. In fact, she never really saw his ripper side at all, so she doesn’t have any bad bloody memories to throw cold water on their romance. He’s never used her life as leverage or to fuel his own pride, and she’s never plotted to kill him or run him out of town. Swoon!

2. That time he arranged a slumber party so she wouldn’t be alone. Remember when Caroline was tortured and shot and abused by that guy who looks an awful lot like Oliver Queen? It was Stefan who helped her get home — and while he didn’t patronize her and make her feel like some weak victim who needed saving, he did rally the people she needed most… her girls. It’s a rare man who understands the power of a sleepover party, folks.

3. They tell each other the truth, even when it hurts. When Elena asked Caroline to keep her secret about sleeping with Damon, Caroline couldn’t resist telling Stefan — not out of spite, but because it wasn’t fair to keep Stefan in the dark when he was still fighting for Elena. While many saw this as Caroline breaking some sacred vow of friendship, the truth was that Elena and Caroline had been drifting apart for a while… as Stefan and Caroline drifted closer together.

4. Girl Code does not currently apply, because her BFF is currently the worst. Normally, it might be a little sketchy for Caroline to kiss Elena’s ex when there’s still a (very slim, almost microscopic) chance that Elena only broke up with Stefan because she was under the influence of a sire bond. But in this case, Girl Code is canceled out by Elena not having a soul. Once your best friend intentionally drops you on the ground during a cheerleading competition in front of everyone, she forfeits clauses 1-6 of Girl Code. It’s right there in the fine print.

5. They are smarter when they’re together. Check them out, Veronica Marsing the truth about Elena’s sire bond! Of course, their sleuthing did happen at a rather inopportune time, but we can’t blame Stefan and Caroline for the fact that their buzzkill was edited into the sexy sex scene that Delena fans have been waiting patiently for. We’re just glad they figured it out before things got dangerous.

6. They make each other laugh when everything else is terrible. Seriously. If Stefan and/or Caroline is laughing in the face of something awful and hopeless, it’s probably because they’re together. Also, this:

7. She’s always on Stefan’s side. Caroline is 100% the captain of Team Stefan. Even when it makes her seem like a bit of a hypocrite, or like a bad friend, or like a shrill judgy know-it-all… she remains, steadfastly, Team Stefan.

stefan caroline vampire diaries season 2 'The Vampire Diaries': 10 reasons Stefan and Caroline should make out immediately8. They saved each others’ vampire lives! When Caroline turned into a vampire, it was Stefan who took time out of his busy not-going-to-school schedule to show her the bunny-hunting ropes, get her a ring, and coach her on the turbulent emotional changes she was experiencing. And when he started feeling a little shaky about his human blood sobriety, it was Caroline who stepped up to be his sponsor. Only she can help him walk the line between ripper and brooder, while still letting him off the hook to have fun every once in a while.

9. It’s about time someone pick Caroline. Remember the beautiful, character-defining Caroline moment in the pilot, when it became apparent that Stefan wasn’t into her? “Why didn’t he go for me? How come the guys that I want never want me?” she said. “I’m inappropriate, always say the wrong thing, and Elena always says the
right thing. She doesn’t even try, and he just picks her. And she’s
always the one that everyone picks. For everything. And I try so hard
and I’m never the one.” Caroline has stopped trying so hard. Now it’s time for her to be the one.

10. They don’t even need words to communicate.
She didn’t actually need to speak out loud when she “told” him about Damon and Elena sleeping together… he just knew from the look on her face. And when he arrived home with Jeremy’s dead body, she could read it in his eyes that Jeremy wasn’t going to come right back to life. Wordless communication is a beautiful thing. Now they should do it with kissing.

Bonus Reason: Caroline is totally Stefan’s Pacey. If you didn’t watch “Dawson’s Creek,” this probably doesn’t mean anything to you. (And also, your whole life is probably meaningless. It’s on Netflix. What are you waiting for?) In Season 3, Dawson decided to put Joey on hold while he pursued other interests, so she started spending more time with Pacey. He was there for her when no one else was. He made her forget about Dawson rejecting her. They supported each other through some tough stuff. And then, shock of all shocks! They realized they totally wanted to make out.

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Posted by:Carina MacKenzie