tvd break caroline 'The Vampire Diaries': Candice Accola on Tyler, Klaus, and that thing where Alaric murdered her dadIf you’d told us back in Season 1 of “The Vampire Diaries” that we’d one day count Caroline as one of the most dynamic, sympathetic, heartbreaking, and layered characters… we probably would’ve given you the side-eye in a major way. But only a few episodes into the second season, our perspective on control-freak vampire Miss Mystic Falls changed entirely, and we’ve only grown more attached since then.

Caroline was off-screen in last week’s episode, but we didn’t miss much. This week, we’ll see her help Bonnie out as Bonnie’s mother, Abby, continues her transition into a vampire. Meanwhile, back in Mystic Falls, Elena will deal with the fall-out from the revelation that Alaric is, in fact, the serial killer who murdered Caroline’s father.

Now, as the third season begins its conclusion, we caught up with Candice
to gain some insight into where Caroline stands in the storm of
murder, romance, and havoc that “the Season of the Originals” has
wrought on Mystic Falls.

Zap2it: Caroline skipped town for last week’s episode. Where do we find her this Thursday?

Candice: Caroline has gone with Bonnie to help her mother, Abby, through her transition into being a vampire, so that’s where we’re going to pick up in this coming episode. They’re out at Abby’s house. Jamie’s there. We’re going to get to know Jamie a little bit better, and we’re going to learn what it means for a witch to transition into a vampire. There’s not really a hybrid version of that; you can’t be both, so we’ll see how that emotionally effects a witch. We’ve seen that with a human transitioning, there are heightened senses and heightened personality traits. Now we’re going to learn how it effects a witch, and it’s definitely a different experience.

Zap2it: She still doesn’t know that Alaric murdered her dad, but I assume that it won’t be kept under wraps for very long.

Candice: Yes, we’ll see her reaction to that. We won’t see it right now, because she’s still gone with Bonnie and Abby, but in upcoming episodes Caroline will learn that it was Alric. They will have words. Like, “Hey, remember that time you murdered my father? This is awkward now.”

Zap2it: The Alaric twist was one of the more surprising revelations on your show. Did you guys know all along that it was him, or did they keep it a secret from you, too?

Candice: Oh, we knew — at least, some of us knew. It’s great. It really opens up the history behind the ring. If we’ve got this ring that brings people back to life, there’s got to be consequences. I love that the show has followed through on the fact that with every bit of magic, there’s a consequence. We might naively assume that a witch has found an easy way out of something, but it’ll always come back around to haunt us.

Zap2it: I feel like fans probably should’ve guessed that the rings were bad news. Maybe we were just blinded by Alaric’s charm.

tvd caroline vertical klaus ball 'The Vampire Diaries': Candice Accola on Tyler, Klaus, and that thing where Alaric murdered her dadCandice: I was, too! It all makes sense now, the fact that Alaric has been killed so many times It almost seems so easy. He gets stabbed, comes back to life, gets his neck snapped, comes back — and it’s all led up to the consequences. It’s just great storytelling from our amazing writers.

Zap2it: This Alaric turn of events is just one of many ways that the lines between the good guys and the bad guys have begun to blur on the show, which obviously brings me to Klaus. There’s some undeniable chemistry between him and Caroline. If he sent her a Facebook friend request right now, would she accept it?

Candice: Yes, I think she would! I think that Caroline is playing that “keep your friends close, but your enemies closer” game. She knows what she wants from Klaus. She wants him to relinquish Tyler so that the sire bond is broken and so she can have her boyfriend back. That’s it; that’s all she wants from him. In order to do that, she knows that he has to care.

Zap2it: There are some fans that are really rooting for Klaus and Caroline!

Candice: I know! I think maybe Caroline is flattered by his attention; that might be the attraction that the viewers are seeing. But ultimately, she’s not buying into it. She wants to be with Tyler. Tyler is who she wants to be with. Klaus is still the bad guy. In episodes to come, Stefan and Damon have a plan to take down Klaus, and Caroline is with them on that plan, a hundred percent. She’s in. She’s not standing there going, “No, don’t hurt the mass murderer! He likes me!” I don’t think she’s fallen for his charms at all.

Zap2it: When Tyler comes back, is it a happy reunion for the two of them?

Candice: It’s happy because they want to see each other. We’re going to learn if Tyler was able to break the sire bond or if he wasn’t, and that’s going to effect how their relationship moves forward.

Tune in to “The Vampire Diaries” tonight at 8 p.m. EST on The CW — and make sure to keep an eye on Zap2it for more from Candice about Caroline’s relationship with Bonnie, her involvement in the upcoming 1920s Decade Dance, and “Vampire Diaries” girl power.

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