tv lisa tucker 'The Vampire Diaries' casts 'American Idol's' Lisa Tucker as the newest witch in townAs “The Vampire Diaries” speeds toward the inevitably epic finale, we’re all anticipating the arrival of Klaus (Joseph Morgan) in Mystic Falls… but he won’t be coming alone. By his side is Greta Martin, who isn’t likely to be too pleased when she discovers that her father and brother both died at the hands of Mystic Falls vampires.

Zap2it has officially confirmed that Greta will be played by Lisa Tucker, who “American Idol” fans may recognize from Season 5. The now 21-year-old singer/actress was only 16 at the time when she sang “One Moment In Time” for her audition, and got through to the Top 10.
You may also recognize her from her guest appearance on “The O.C.’s” prom episode, in which the Orange County native played herself. Taylor Townsend was a big fan.
Greta is described as “cool, hip, smart,” and “a bit of a thrill-seeker.” Witches are going to play a huge part in the sacrifice and the Salvatores’ quest to kill Klaus, especially now that Jonas, with his dying breath, gave Bonnie (Katerina Graham) the tools to make the kill. Greta will appear in at least two episodes, but we’re hearing that she may actually appear in four — including the big finale.
What do you think of this casting, vamp fans? Is she what you pictured for Luka’s big sister?

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie