persia white gi 'The Vampire Diaries' casts Persia White as Bonnie's momDespite having met most of the parents of Mystic Falls’ main players on “The Vampire Diaries” — including Mama Donovan, Mama (and the late Papa) Lockwood, Mama and Papa Forbes and even Elena’s birth parents — the only non-ancient Bennett family member we’ve met so far (besides Bonnie, of course), is Grams (may she RIP).

That’ll change in the second half of Season 3, when we finally meet Bonnie’s mother. According to Entertainment Weekly, the pivotal role of Abby Bennett will be played by former “Girlfriends” star Persia White
Starting in episode 312, we’ll see the “beautiful but troubled woman who is burdened by the secrets of her past that led her to leave Bonnie.” She’s “as determined and fiery as any Bennett woman.” EW speculates (quite interestingly) that she might have something to do with the revelation that you can either be a witch or a vampire, but not both.
White, who is obviously amazing since she co-stared on “Breaker High” in the ’90s alongside man of everyone’s dreams Ryan Gosling, joins fellow recurring newbie Torrey DeVitto, who is married to star Paul Wesley and will play a new love interest for Alaric.
What do you think Bonnie’s mom is doing back in town?
Posted by:Jean Bentley