dan nate gg 'The Vampire Diaries,' 'Chuck' and other epic bromances in 2010“Bros before hos.”

This is a sentiment we here at Zap2it fully support and stand by. While we always love a good romance, sometimes we just like to see boys being boys with the boys, you know? None of that angsty crap, just good ol’ sharp-witted banter and meaningful glances.

Like many, many men that came before them (“The O.C.’s” Ryan and Seth, “Friends'” Joey and Chandler, “Dawson’s Creek’s” Pacey and Dawson, etc.) our picks for 2010’s most epic bromances feature two guys with a special connection that just tugs at our heartstrings and keeps goofy smiles on our faces whenever they’re on screen together.

Whether they’re enemies-turned-besties (“Friday Night Lights'” Luke and Vince), romantic rivals (“Gossip Girl’s” Dan and Nate) or a new take on an iconic friendship (“Hawaii Five-0’s” Danno and McGarrett), these BFF’s make TV a more bromantical place for us all.

Let’s face it — while epic romances come and go, epic bromances truly are forever (we’re convinced Ryan and Seth still go sailing every day). So which bantering buddies topped our list of 2010’s best bromances? Click here to see the list.

Don’t like our selections? Mad that we left off your favorite bros? Let us know what you think inthe comments below.

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