tvd 410 rebekah stefan 'The Vampire Diaries': Claire Holt talks 'Originals' spinoff    plus, could Stefan and Rebekah hook up?We all breathed a sigh of relief during the most recent “Vampire Diaries” episode when Rebekah was finally un-daggered after taking an extended coffin nap in the tunnels under Mystic Falls. As much as we love the show, it always seems to be missing a little spark when Rebekah is indisposed. Luckily, she’s awake and ready to make some trouble in tonight’s new episode, “After School Special.”

We jumped on the phone with Claire Holt to get all of our burning questions answered. We chatted about her possible involvement in the upcoming “Vampire Diaries” spinoff pilot, “The Originals,” which is set to star Joseph Morgan and Claire’s real-life BFF, Phoebe Tonkin. We also tried our best to get her to spill about those Stefan/Rebekah rumors.

Check out our full Q&A below, and make sure to tune in to “The Vampire Diaries” on January 17 at 8 p.m. on The CW.

Zap2it: Let’s get the spin-off question out of the way right off the bat. Have you had conversations about Rebekah being involved? Would you want to go over to the new show? I know you just hate working with Phoebe.

Holt: [Joking, obviously] I would just despise working with Phoebe Tonkin, because she’s no fun at all! Listen, I haven’t read the script yet; I don’t know what’s going to happen. We’re shooting episode 16, or just about to start 16 right now, and the backdoor pilot is episode 20, I think. I don’t know what’s going to happen as far as Rebekah being part of it. Nothing has been decided, right now, or confirmed. That said, I adore Joseph and Phoebe and I think that any show that they’re in is going to be unreal, and it’s really great to start it off with the fan base of ‘The Vampire Diaries,’ but I don’t know anything about my involvement yet. We’ll have to wait and see what happens.

Zap2it: In this week’s episode, Rebekah locks all the kids in the high school and basically puts them through the worst group therapy session ever. It looks pretty terrifying, but also super fun.

Holt: Totally! Absolutely. It’s a really messed-up method of therapy, I guess. It was so fun to shoot, just one of my favorite episodes. When I read it I immediately was like, ‘Oh my god, I love it! This is so great. I need to watch.’ It’s definitely Rebekah exacting her psychological revenge on Stefan and Elena, and she plays a really manipulative game of truth or dare with them. It’s all about finding out about the tattoo, and the cure, and what’s been happening since she was daggered. She definitely doesn’t spare anyone’s feelings in this. She just goes right for the heart in all the questions that she asks. It’s going to be really difficult for those that she’s torturing, and really fun for Rebekah.

Zap2it: Does Rebekah want the cure? It seems like she enjoys the power of being a vampire, but she also seems to long for some human comfort, too.

Holt: Oh, she wants it. Whether it be for herself or for others or for Klaus. The whole reason that she is torturing Stefan and Elena and Caroline is to find out about it, find out how to get it. She’s going to be going on a journey to get it — the characters end up going to a little island off of Nova Scotia in search for it. She’s angry that she’s been kept out of the loop by being stuck in a coffin.

tvd tyler rebekah 'The Vampire Diaries': Claire Holt talks 'Originals' spinoff    plus, could Stefan and Rebekah hook up?Zap2it: How does Tyler play into all this? She had some fun manipulating him when he first turned into a hybrid, but that storyline was kind of dropped.

Holt: Rebekah uses him as part of her game. She takes advantage of the fact that he has a weak spot — that’s his friends, and Caroline. He’s all just a part of her plan. She’s not sparing anyone in this, so she uses him to get what he wants.

Zap2it: Is there any chance for Rebekah to forgive Klaus? He’s sort of ripped her heart out a couple different times now.

Holt: At this point, she’s done with him. She’s not interested in rebuilding their relationship; he’s just betrayed her too many times. They’re really torn apart right now, and I don’t think she really cares. It’s really sad for her, because she’s had such a strong loyalty to her family for the whole duration of the show. Family has been so important to her. Now she’s starting to realize that, no, it’s every man for himself. Or herself.

Zap2it: What about Kol? Will they be closer, now that she’s no longer Team Klaus?

Holt: Kol’s kind of her lackey in this. He’s going to bring Shane to the high school; he’s just kind of the wingman in this situation. He brings Shane in for questioning, and it gets pretty violent. Rebekah uses Kol as her — what do they call them, those guys who do all the dirty work? Her hit man. I mean, she cares about him because he’s part of her family, but it’s not at the same level as Klaus.

Zap2it: There seemed to be a genuine connection between Rebekah and April at Rebekah’s party, and all April’s been doing for the last few episodes is wandering around town asking people where Rebekah is. Are they going to be friends?

Holt: Poor April may be left aside. Rebekah doesn’t really care about anyone but herself anymore. I mean, April is still going to play a part, but it’s less about Rebekah trying to develop a real friendship with her and more about Rebekah just using her.

Zap2it: There have been a lot of rumors about Stefan and Rebekah’s relationship changing in upcoming episodes. She was pretty enamored of him in the 1920s, and for Rebekah, that really wasn’t very long ago at all. Is there a chance that we’ll see her pursue him, or him pursue her, now that Elena isn’t an option for him?

Holt:They don’t trust each other now. It’s going to be difficult for her to trust anyone. Any relationship that develops or changes at this point is really just about her getting what she wants. I’ll say that their relationship is going to change and evolve after this particular episode. Also, because when she is getting revenge on them and playing mind games, there are some really uncomfortable things that come out about Stefan and Elena, and it’s definitely going to change how Stefan feels about everyone.

Zap2it: Is Rebekah over Matt? Because I’m not really over Matt/Rebekah.

Holt: I’m not over it either! She just is a little misguided. I think that the fact that she believes giving someone a truck when you try to kill them is a perfectly normal gesture. I think it’s always going to be hard for her to have a real relationship with a human when she’s a vampire. I think that will play into whether she wants the cure or not, but they’re all a little fractured right now. I’m not sure they’re going to be going on a date any time soon.

Zap2it: In an upcoming episode, Rebekah gets all excited about the ’80s Decade Dance, and it’s canceled.

Holt: It’s devastating for her! It’s been her goal for God knows how long. I think it’s more about her being a human and getting to dress up and have that experience, but I think she’s definitely going to be at least a little pleased with what happens with the dance.

Zap2it: Is there any chance she’ll have a little moment of happiness? It’s been a while since anything good has happened to her.

Holt: I think you’re going to see a more real side to her, a more girly side to her, and a less torturous side to her. In this particular episode, no, she’s on a mission and she’s sparing n
o one, but with the canceled dance episode, she’s so disappointed. You’ll get to see some vulnerability and then a little moment that makes her happy. Stefan tries to make it up to her in some way.

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