tvd caroline klaus 'The Vampire Diaries': Could Caroline hook up with Klaus? Plus, Candice Accola talks StefanHere’s the deal: Caroline on The Vampire Diaries has chemistry with everyone. The writers could put her in a romantic relationship with a piece of furniture, and we’d trust Candice Accola to make it believable.

With Caroline and Tyler (Michael Trevino) experiencing a definite low in their relationship, Tyler has some pretty big decisions coming up. Judging by the fact that Michael Trevino has been home in Los Angeles — not in Atlanta, where they shoot the show — for a rather extended period of time, we’re guessing that Tyler is going to take himself out of the Forwood equation for a period of time.

Everyone’s buzzing about a possible love interest for Klaus (Joseph Morgan), and we couldn’t help but think of Caroline as a distinct possibility. When we spoke with Candice about the chances of a Caroline/Klaus hookup, though, she played coy. “I will say this much — Caroline does have scenes with Klaus in upcoming episodes, and we haven’t really had that before,” she says. “Since becoming a vampire, Caroline has really evolved and found herself. She’s more confident and just a much stronger person. You’re going to see that side of her come out when she starts interacting with Klaus. She’s really come into her own.”

Make of that what you will, “Vampire Diaries” fans!

Speaking of highly unlikely relationships, we get a lot of tweets from fans wondering whether Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Caroline will spend time together this season. “She hasn’t really seen him in a while,” Candice says. “They’ve very much been at opposite ends of the playing field. I do look forward to hopefully having scenes with him, because I do think those scenes always work really well. Right now, though, he’s got a lot to deal with, with Klaus’s coffins, and she’s got her 18th birthday, which is a big turning point for her.”

Don’t get too upset, though, Forwood fans. “I think there’s definitely hope for Caroline and Tyler in the long term!” Candice assures us. “When they first got together, it was because they needed each other, and they were really wonderfully supportive of each other. I think if they can find their way back to that, there’s hope.”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie