cast vampirediaries 290 'The Vampire Diaries' Damon tries to seduce ElenaLast week, ‘The Vampire Diaries‘ left us hanging with the show ending seconds after Damon attacks Caroline. Has the vampire population in Mystic Falls just increased?

It seems not, as Caroline wakes up more than a little freaked out. She tries to sneak out of her room, but how do you sneak away from a supernatural being? You don’t. Damon attacks her again as she tries to fight him off. Someone is missing school today.  Speaking of school, Bonnie tells Elena that she’s concerned for her because of the bad feeling she got when she touched Stefan’s hand. Elena tells her she’s happy and asks her best friend to give her new boyfriend a chance. Also getting a chance is Jeremy, as Vicky asks him to go to a concert with her. He’s less interested in giving her a chance, as he asks if she just slept with him to get drugs.

Elena wants her best friend and her boyfriend to get along so she has them both over for dinner. Stefan wins Bonnie over by telling her that the witches of Salem were heroic symbols of individuality. Damon and Caroline show up to provide dessert, which would have been thoughtful had they been invited. Elena, not knowing better, invites them in, despite Stefan trying to stop her.  They chat about Stefan joining the football team, Elena trying to rejoin the cheerleading team and Katherine being dead. Well, that last one is less direct. Damon corners Elena trying to manipulate her in any way he can. She’s too smart for him though, as she asked who dated Katherine first. He doesn’t give a straight answer, but she clearly surprises him when she tells him she’s sorry for his loss. And for a moment, he almost looks like he’s having a real emotion. Almost.

Matt is dealing with Elena having a new boyfriend better than his friend Tyler is. Tyler tries repeatedly to get the best of Stefan, attempting to hit him in the back of a head with a football, tackle him with unnecessary roughness, etc.  Stefan is smart enough to let him get one over on him in the tackle but it hardly seems like enough for Tyler. Matt, on the other hand, might be going for sainthood because he keeps telling Tyler to knock it off and eventually just about calls off their friendship over it. Which doesn’t seem like it would that big a loss honestly.

Nor does losing Vicky seem like a big loss, but Jeremy and Tyler continue to needle each other about it. They have more then one altercation and it all becomes another point of contention between Tyler and Matt after Tyler attacks Jeremy at the big game. Stefan steps in to stop it and when Tyler tries to land a solid bunch to his gut, it doesn’t have any effect whatsoever. When Jeremy comes running back at them with a broken bottle – well that does have an effect. It cuts Stefan’s hand wide open. Of course, it immediately heals. Stefan tells Elena that she didn’t see what she thinks she saw and the blood on his hands wasn’t his own.

Damon has Caroline steadily controlled. Well, he can’t seem to stop her constant chatter, but her scarf is firmly in place and no one can get it off her. He’s also trying to control Elena, as she awakes from a vivid dream where she nearly sleeps with him to find a crow on her window sill. He corners her at the big game and tries to glamour her, telling her that he knows she wants him, knows she dreams about him and that she wants to kiss him. Instead, she slaps him and tells him that whatever was between him, his brother and Katherine will not be happening with her. Which is when he notices the amulet his brother gave her to protect her.

He confronts Stefan about the ploy and Stefan tells him that he thinks there is still a bit of humanity left in his big brother. His reasoning is that he’s had 145 years to kill him and he hasn’t done it. He then says “Katherine is dead and you hate me because you loved her…and you torture me because you still do…”, which makes it sound like Katherine dated Damon first, doesn’t it? To prove to Stefan that his humanity is gone, Damon attacks Coach Tanner, landing another person in the hospital. But it does prove to Stefan that his brother’s humanity is nothing more than a memory.

Who has a theory about why Bonnie keeps “seeing” 8, 14, and 22? I’m thinking it’s the date of Stefan’s death. Is Damon’s humanity really gone, or was that near glimpse when Elena gave him her condolences? Was Vicky telling the truth about not needing the drugs to sleep with Jeremy or is she just manipulating the situation to keep two guys fighting over her? Did Elena quit cheerleading because she wanted to, or because Damon told her to (it was before she had the amulet)?

Posted by:Jessica Paff