tvd daniel gillies 320 'The Vampire Diaries': Daniel Gillies returns as ElijahHappy Friday, “Vampire Diaries” fans! We’ve got the best news ever for you: Zap2it has exclusively confirmed that Daniel Gillies will be returning as Elijah in episode 308, tentatively titled “Ordinary People.”

We believe the term you’re looking for is OMFG.

After last night’s episode, in which Stefan (Paul Wesley) almost opened one of Klaus’ coffins — that tease — but didn’t, we’re just dying for a little Elijah action.

He won’t be back in the present day quite yet, though — our next glimpse of Elijah will be in Rebekah’s (Claire Holt) flashbacks.This time we’re going way, way back in time – a thousand years back in time – to the Original family’s life before they were vampires. As we reported yesterday, we’ll also be introduced to the Original mother, played by Alice Evans.

Most importantly, though, we’re going to get to see what Elijah’s hair looked like before he was turned. Get your guesses in now.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie