steven r mcqueen kegs tvd 'The Vampire Diaries' dearly departed Steven R. McQueen: 5 places we'd like him to turn up nextIt’s been a week since “Vampire Diaries” heroine Elena burned her house to the ground with her little brother’s dead body inside it, and we are showing no signs of getting over it. (We have spent a whole lot of time crying and listening to Noah Gunderson’s “Family” on repeat on iTunes, and we’re not even sorry about it.) As sad as we are to lose Jeremy, we’re even sadder that Steven R. McQueen won’t be on our TV screens every week any more.

McQueen took Jeremy from petulant stoner freshman to capable, swoon-worthy hunter, deftly navigating him through personal tragedies and romantic catastrophes along the way. We’re pretty sure he’s poised to be a Very Big Deal. So, naturally, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to act as backseat agent and make a few suggestions as to where McQueen’s next move should take him.

1. “Arrow.” For Jeremy’s new role as a strong, capable, supernatural vampire hunter, McQueen spent approximately a zillion hours per day in the gym, designed workouts with a trainer, and stuck to a careful nutrition plan — and there is no good reason to let those arms/abs/etc go to waste. On “Arrow,” Thea Queen’s world opening up a bit thanks to Roy Harper (Colton Haynes), so it would make sense to have a younger villain in the mix. Preferably a villain who Oliver can only defeat with a sweaty, shirtless salmon ladder face-off. And since E.P. Greg Berlanti gave McQueen his big break on “Everwood,” he’s already got an in.

2. “Southland.” This insanely underrated TNT drama about Los Angeles cops is one of the best shows on TV right now — and you should be watching it, if you aren’t already. Plus, with Ben McKenzie and Chad Michael Murray already on the show, it’s basically a halfway house for actors making moves away from teen dramas. Doesn’t McQueen have juvenile delinquent and/or rookie cop written all over him? (We say this with love.)

3. “Tomorrow People.” The CW is still casting for its “Tomorrow People” pilot, and it’s one of the best we’ve read this year. We think McQueen would be the perfect choice for Russell, an 18-year-old runaway described as a “handsome bad boy” who just happens to have the power of telekinesis. Yep, as a highly evolved Tomorrow Person, Russell can make things move with his mind. Like, say, for example… willing an expensive Rolex to just float from your wrist to his, without ever having to lift a finger.

steven r mcqueen arms 'The Vampire Diaries' dearly departed Steven R. McQueen: 5 places we'd like him to turn up next4. “Law & Order: SVU.” As one of just a few of the “Vampire Diaries” cast members who never did an obligatory episode of “SVU” (Remember when Ian Somerhalder played Jason Ritter’s perverted brother? Because we can’t forget) we think it’s about time McQueen tangled with Detective Benson. Playing a twisted sexual deviant can only help prove that McQueen can do much more than play a sweet, if occasionally obnoxious little bro on The CW.

5. “The Fault In Our Stars.” Josh Boone has been tapped to direct the film adaptation of John Green’s beloved novel “The Fault In Our Stars,” and he’s got a whole lot of pressure on him now to choose the perfect actors to play Hazel Grace Lancaster and her charming, pensive romantic hero, Augustus Waters. While Shailene Woodley and Mae Whitman are looking like the frontrunners for Hazel, we haven’t heard a peep about who might play Augustus. A former athlete who lost a leg to bone cancer and now spends his time being charming and attractive and all-around perfect, Augustus isn’t going to be easy to cast. But McQueen might just have it in him. We wouldn’t hate it.

What would you like to see McQueen do next — other than magically coming back to life, dusting the ash off his jeans, and walking out of the burning wreckage of the Gilbert house on “The Vampire Diaries”? Weigh in below in the comments section. And then come here and cry with us. It’s okay. We’re not judging.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie