delena bridge vampire diaries 506 'The Vampire Diaries' discussion: Elena and Stefan split as she reveals stronger feelings for Damon    but will it last?We told you someone would be breaking up on “The Vampire Diaries” before Thanksgiving, and if you were paying attention to the way the music swelled during Stefan and Elena’s goodbye kiss last week, you probably got a clue that it was going to be their last one for a while. On tonight’s incredibly anxiety-inducing episode, “We All Go A Little Mad Sometimes,” the show’s “epic” duo split… but will it last this time?

Elena was definitely in a post-traumatic state when she confessed to Stefan that things have changed between her and Damon. She’d been plagued by horrifying visions of Connor, her first victim. These hallucinations caused her to stab her brother in the neck (was that the same knife with which Jenna gutted herself?), stake Stefan, and listen to relentless flagellation from Katherine.

When she got to Wickery Bridge, where her parents died, Elena saw her mother. Miranda Gilbert practically sweet-talked her daughter into killing herself by removing her ring, the way that Elena’s bio-mom, Isobel, did. (It’s official — Elena’s moms are pretty awful.) Elena tossing her ring off the bridge didn’t lead to her death, but it did have some powerful symbolism, particularly when you think about the romantic moment when Stefan put the ring on her finger.

Despite what she’d been through, Elena’s emotional confession wasn’t the result of exhaustion or PTSD. Instead, she was doing her best to be honest with Stefan — and by extension, with Damon — about her feelings, and how they’ve changed since she made her “choice.”

Of course, Stefan and Elena have broken up before, but it always leads
to them pining for each other and reuniting. This time, though, we can
tell you that the breakup will definitely stick for a while. It’s time
for Elena to explore her connection to Damon, including the new,
stronger feelings she’s been having since she turned. (Heightened
emotions, you might say?) We’ll see some game-changing moments between them in the next couple of episodes.

 'The Vampire Diaries' discussion: Elena and Stefan split as she reveals stronger feelings for Damon    but will it last?There’s plenty more to talk about. I can’t wait to discuss the episode with you, so make sure to join my ConnecTV chat on Friday at 3 p.m. EST. We’ll definitely discuss the breakup and Elena’s feelings for Damon, but I also want to talk about Jeremy’s first kill as a hunter and how that’s going to impact his future, as well as the major chemistry between Hayley and Tyler. Forwood fans, are you guys still out there?

Plus, we’ve got to chat about Katherine! Yes, she was a hallucination, but the delight of Katherine is mostly about watching Nina Dobrev do her thang, and we definitely got plenty of that. And we can’t forget Atticus (Atticus!!) Shane and his connection to Pastor Young and the Founder’s Council.

In the meantime, weigh in below in the comments section and let me know your
thoughts on this intense episode! We told you there would be some big
moves within the triangle, and there are many more twists to come after
next week’s Thanksgiving break.

So are you thankful for the events that transpired tonight?

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie