tvd stefan 1920s 'The Vampire Diaries': Elena is that girl who runs up the stairs instead of out the doorThese “Vampire Diaries” clips are starting to have a theme! Damon warns Elena about Stefan. Elena swears she’ll never give up. From in front of our computer screens and smartphones, the audience says, “Give up, Elena! Give up!”

She’s starting to remind us of that girl in the slasher flick who runs up the stairs instead of out of the house when the bad guy in the mask is waving his knife at her.

Listen. We appreciate the soulmates-true-love-forever thing that Elena and Stefan have going on, but this is “The Vampire Diaries.” Things are going to get a lot worse before they ever get better.

In the latest clip, Damon shows Elena Stefan’s old digs in Chicago, but even his apparent penchant for schoolgirl blood doesn’t faze her. “I was around,” Damon says of his own exploits in the 20s. “Chicago’s a big city. Stefan was a cocky ripper douche. I could avoid him and still indulge in a few Daisy Buchanans of my own.”

We can’t wait for this episode. Word is that a few more shocking secrets will be revealed by the end of the hour. Check back in with Zap2it tomorrow for an in-depth advance review of the episode, plus some insight from executive producer Julie Plec.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie