cast vampirediaries 290 'The Vampire Diaries' Enjoy the silenceThere comes a moment where a new show that seems pretty good can turn on a dime and go very wrong. This is especially true of the supernatural genre. “The Vampire Diaries” hit that moment tonight. How did it do?

In a word? Surprisingly, “well”. Which is sort of incredible.

The show starts right where we left last week, with Elena asking Stefan what he is. And when she gets the answer, she does what any sensible person would do – she runs. She runs straight home, locks the front door and runs up to her room. And he’s there. He tells her that her knowing isn’t safe, that he’s not the one who’s been killing people and then he begs for the chance to explain everything to her. But for now, she just wants him out of her house.  He obliges, but he stays outside her house all night, just in case Damon shows up.

Damon is a bit busy though. Devouring and killing all the drug addicts Vicky was hanging out with in the woods. But, he doesn’t kill Vicky herself. She has connections to Elena through her own brother being Elena’s ex and Elena’s brother being the boy she tortures on occasion. This makes her useful, just like Caroline was useful for awhile. But her interest to him goes much farther than Caroline as he seems to make the snap decision to turn her, muttering “I’m probably going to regret this.”

Meanwhile, the far more level headed Stefan has decided to come clean with Elena. About everything. He tells her he’s been 17 since 1864. Before then, Katherine was flirting with him and Damon, but she ultimately decided to have him escort her to the first Founder’s Ball. And later that evening, while ignoring their victorian values, she bit him. I don’t know why I didn’t see that coming – but I admit it. I totally didn’t. He wakes the next day and she mind tricks him into believing everything will be great. Elena naturally wants to know if he’s ever messed with her head and he tells her about the nature of the necklace he gave her, to protect her from Damon’s influence and from his own.

During all this, Vicky has been coming closer to transitioning, drinking Damon’s blood and dancing around to an Enjoy the Silence cover in her underwear. But when push comes to shove and Damon tells her what the deal is now (after he snaps her neck), she too does the sensible thing, and runs. To Jeremy’s house, where she immediately starts eating everything in sight. Jeremy calls Matt and we see the first signs of her emerging strength, but when Stefan and Elena shows up, he convinces her to relax. And she does. At least until Jeremy gets close enough to bite – and then she runs again.

Meanwhile, Logan and Caroline’s mom, Logan and Tyler’s dad have changed out the face of Jeremy’s watch, replacing it with a compass. Armed with guns loaded with wooden bullets, they are using the compass Captain Jack Sparrow style, to find vampires. Which is exactly what Stefan is doing as well. He finds Vicky first and is just starting to tell her about how it’s possible to live without killing humans when he gets shot. He’s a moment away from being staked as well when Damon attacks Logan, killing him before digging the wooden bullet out of Stefan. He notes that if anyone is going to kill his brother, it’s going to be him.

During this exchange, they’ve both lost track of Vicky…who is feeding on Logan’s dead body. When she realizes what she’s doing, she’s off on the run again. Stefan gives Damon back his ring, picks up the compass and returns to Elena, telling her he lost Vicky. She doesn’t like the idea of having to lie to Jeremy and Matt about what happened. All the same, she promises to keep Stefan’s secret, but adds that she can’t be with him knowing it.

Now that Damon knows she is aware of their true nature, how will he torture Elena next? Is Vicky going to be confined during daylight hours since she doesn’t have a daylight savings ring? This is the first episode I cared about her at all, so I am really curious about where they are going to go with it!

Posted by:Jessica Paff