vampire diaries elena 401 'The Vampire Diaries' 'Growing Pains' clip: Stefan and Damon explain Elena's situation“The Vampire Diaries” doesn’t premiere until Oct. 11, but you can meet vampire Elena a little early thanks to a just-released clip from The CW. In the first moments of the Season 4 premiere, titled “Growing Pains,” Elena wakes up — and she’s definitely not the cheery morning person we used to know.

Hey, it could be worse… she could be waking up in the morgue. After Elena’s gasping breath in the Mystic Falls Hospital morgue, which we saw in last season’s finale, her friends were kind enough to take her home. That’s where she wakes up in her bedroom, with Stefan watching over her.

“You were in an accident,” he says as she gasps for breath. (We think Rebekah would call it an on-purpose, but that’s neither here nor there.) Elena, as selfless as ever, worries about Matt first.  Oh yeah — Damon’s there, too, and he’s not too impressed by Matt’s good health.

“When Jeremy brought you to the hospital before all this happened, your injuries were worse than anyone knew. Meredith Fell made a choice. She used Damon’s blood to heal you,” Stefan says.

“And when Rebekah ran Matt’s truck off the road you had vampire blood in your system, Elena,” adds Damon.

Rise and shine, Elena.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie