vampire diaries holiday gift guide 'The Vampire Diaries' holiday gift guide: DVD box sets, daylight rings, life size cardboard cutouts and more

The holidays are approaching fast and it’s time to start thinking about what gifts you’re going to buy for all your loved ones this year. If you can’t think of what to get for all “The Vampire Diaries” fans in your life, we’ve got your back.

Follow along with Zap2it‘s holiday gift guide to find that perfect treat for your favorite fang-obsessed (be that vampire, werewolf, or hybrid fangs) friend or family member. And hey, we won’t judge if you do a little bit of shopping for yourself too.

Gifts under $50:

“The Vampire Diaries”: The Complete Fourth Season on Blu-ray + DVD + UV ($45.89) – There’s nothing better for a “TVD” fan than reliving a whole season of shocking deaths (RIP Alaric), heartbreaking breakups (RIP Stelena), and sexy hookups (Hello, Delena). And Season 4 had so many OMG moments from Elena’s transformation into a vampire to the race for the cure for vampirism to the awakening of Silas to the backdoor pilot of spinoff series “The Originals.”

stefan salvatore phone case 'The Vampire Diaries' holiday gift guide: DVD box sets, daylight rings, life size cardboard cutouts and more

Life size Damon Salvatore cardboard standee ($29.71) – You can’t get the real Damon Salvatore for your “TVD” fan to ogle, so get them the next best thing. This life size cardboard cutout of Ian Somerhalder‘s reformed bad boy vampire won’t judge you for staring at him all day long.

Stefan Salvatore phone case for iPhone and Galaxy ($29.71) – For the Stelena fan, skip the Damon merch and get them this Stefan Salvatore phone case so they can stare into Paul Wesley‘s baby blues.

“Why Choose?” T-shirt ($21.21) – For the fan that can’t choose between Delena and Stelena, indulge their indecisiveness with this T-shirt that asks, “Why choose?”

“The Vampire Diaries” set of shot glasses ($14.41) – Alcohol plays a huge part on the series, from vampires chugging whiskey and scotch to help with their blood cravings to borderline alcoholic history teachers slash vampire hunters hiding bottles in their desk drawers. For your 21+ “TVD” fans, let them share in the imbibing spirit with these shooters.

Klaroline mug ($12.99) – For the fandom that is the most overlooked and yet remains to be one of the most vocal, “Klaroline” shippers deserve some extra love this year during the holidays as their pair of choice (Klaus and Caroline) are no longer on the same series — since Klaus left “TVD” to star in the spinoff, “The Originals.”

Gifts under $100:

damon daylight ring 'The Vampire Diaries' holiday gift guide: DVD box sets, daylight rings, life size cardboard cutouts and more

Damon’s daylight signet ring ($55.99) – Your loved one can walk in the sun with or without a witchy daylight ring, but gift them with Damon’s signature blue and silver ring and they’ll never take it off as if their life depended on it.

“The Vampire Diaries”: Seasons 1-3 on Blu-ray ($59.99) – For the true binge-watcher or wannabe “TVD” fan, get the ultimate box set of the first three seasons of The CW’s hit drama. 

Elena’s (slash Rebekah’s) vervain necklace ($74.99) – For all your human “TVD” fans, make them impervious to any vampire compulsion with this silver and ruby necklace.

Elena’s sterling silver daylight ring ($84.99) – A vampire can’t wear a vervain necklace, so replace that old piece of jewelry with a feminine daylight right.

Season 1 trading cards 24-pack display ($84.00) – Collect all your favorite “TVD” characters in the full pack of trading cards. Don’t expect to see any Originals, though, as this is just from Season 1.

Gifts $100 and up:

signed vampire diaries poster 'The Vampire Diaries' holiday gift guide: DVD box sets, daylight rings, life size cardboard cutouts and more

Signed 11″x17″ poster ($109.99) – This rare autographed poster, signed by all three stars (Nina Dobrev, Wesley, and Somerhalder), will make any “TVD” fan squeal in excitement.

Jeremy’s Gilbert family resurrection ring ($106.99) – If you have to deal with the supernatural on a daily basis, it’s best if you get this Gilbert family ring that can bring you back to life. Just beware of pesky witches on the Other Side brainwashing you while you’re dead to become a vampire/vampire hunter.

The Ultimate “Vampire Diaries” Experience ($250) – This is literally the ultimate fan experience, besides getting the chance to visit the actual set of the show. You can stay in the home where the episode “Memory Lane” was filmed, go on a Mystic Falls Tour around Covington, Alabama to see where the series has been filmed, get one charm bracelet like the one Tyler gave Caroline in Season 3, and much more.

“The Vampire Diaries” airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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