ian somerhalder comic con v 'The Vampire Diaries' Ian Somerhalder: 'Damon still wants Katherine'When we last left Damon Salvatore on “The Vampire Diaries,” he’d finally kissed Elena… or so he thought. Zap2it caught up with our good friend Ian Somerhalder at Comic-Con to talk about the fall-out from the big Katherine make-out.

“I think when he finds out that it wasn’t Elena, he’s going to be a little pissed off,” Somerhalder says. But that doesn’t mean Elena’s the only one on Damon’s mind. “He still wants Katherine, like an idiot. Love is a really blinding force. It forces us to do stupid things. Every single one of us has experienced it.”

Perhaps it’s time for Damon to learn from his mistakes instead of repeating history? “What I’d like to see is for him to realize that she’s a crazy manipulative b****! Really, a lot of what he comes from, his traits, he learned from her. If he were able to look inward at himself he’d say those are not really high quality traits of a person,” Somerhalder tells us.

The real kicker is this: In the season premiere, Damon is about to find out that Katherine didn’t come back to Mystic Falls for him. She came back for Stefan.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this love triangle just became a love square.

“That’s another thing that’s just going to crush him. The alliance [between Stefan and Damon] may have to get stronger because she’s going to wreak havoc for both of them. Whether Katherine wants Stefan or Damon, Stefan wants nothing to do with her, for the most part… until he does.”

As for Damon’s humanity, it only comes out when he’s with Elena. “Nina Dobrev will do that to you,” Somerhalder says, grinning.

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Posted by:Carina MacKenzie