tvd 100 ian somerhalder damon interview 'The Vampire Diaries': Ian Somerhalder defends Damon's 'twisted' treatment of Katherine on her death bed

Both Damon and Elena were having a hard time with their breakup during “The Vampire Diaries” 100th episode last Thursday (Jan. 23), and Damon found a very Damon way to cope with his grief and misery: Finally getting revenge on Katherine while she was weak and on her death bed.

Damon used his vampire mind control powers on the dying girl to make her hallucinate getting stabbed in the gut by Aunt Jenna, getting her fingers chopped off by Uncle John, tormenting her with the fact that her ex Elijah wasn’t coming to save her from Damon or say goodbye, and making her relive her most traumatic day over and over again (when she arrived back home in Bulgaria to find that Klaus had massacred her entire family).

A lot of “TVD” fans thought Damon’s awful treatment of Katherine while she was dying went too far and was too petty. But Ian Somerhalder thinks Damon was justified in his actions because of all the pain and suffering Katherine put him through.

When Zap2it caught up with Somerhalder on set in Atlanta, he explained why Damon was so against the 500-year-old vampire. 

“Damon wants Katherine as dead as a doornail because I think she reminds him of everything awful he’s ever done,” Somerhalder says. “She taught him how to kill, taught him how to enjoy it. And I’ve learned that resentment is anger toward yourself for something you allowed to happen. I think Damon victimizes himself when it comes to Katherine, saying, ‘She did this to me, she did that to me.’ But in all actuality, he does have a point.”

Even though Damon is his own person who makes his own decisions, Somerhalder believes Katherine shaped him into the man boy he is today. “This sounds a little twisted, but if a child is abused by an adult, that is just outright wrong. That child had no say in the matter,” Somerhalder says. “Katherine did a very similar thing to Damon, where she compelled him to fall in love with her, she compelled him to do all these things, and it wasn’t right. She turned him into a monster, and he hasn’t been able to stop.”

Of course, Somerhalder acknowledges that Damon has the power within him to be a better person, like Stefan has attempted to do with his life. “Stefan, while he has become a monster, has really trained himself not to be that way,” Somerhalder says. “Ultimately, Damon is victimizing himself and being a baby about it, but he does have a point. I mean, he has so much anger. Imagine waiting for someone for 150 years … “

All that pent up anger towards both Katherine and himself, coupled with his recent breakup, is what led Damon to psychologically torment Katherine on her deathbed … and don’t expect Damon’s attitude to change anytime soon, especially now that Katherine has once again made everyone’s lives more complicated by taking over Elena’s body. 

“He hates her. And he just wants her gone. She causes a lot of problems,” Somerhalder says. “And to Damon, if you’re going to cause me a lot of problems, you’d better be giving me something — whether it’s bedroom time, whether it’s booze, whether it’s fun — it’d better be something that I can value.”

We sincerely doubt Katherine’s going to make up for her crimes to Damon anytime soon.

“The Vampire Diaries” airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum