vampire diaries taylor kinney 'The Vampire Diaries': Is Taylor Kinney set to make an Uncle Mason return?This is potentially the best news ever, “Vampire Diaries” fans. You know how we love Hot Uncle Mason Lockwood.

He may not be resting in peace after all.

Taylor Kinney has made a rather high-profile excursion to Atlanta, where the show films. (It’s tough to keep your whereabouts a secret when you’ve got Lady Gaga on your arm. Undercover isn’t really her thing.) They were spotted together at a Braves game, and Michael Trevino, his on-screen nephew, has tweeted a few times about visiting with Gaga in Atlanta.

Sources tell us that “The Vampire Diaries” cast is currently hard at work on a ghost-themed Halloween episode, set to air Oct. 27. Word is that Hot Uncle Mason won’t be the only familiar face who haunts Mystic Falls… expect some other dearly departed faves to return, too.

[Update: We just got back from a Q&A with executive producer Julie Plec, and while she made a valiant attempt at being coy, she did say, “You know, it’s hard to keep those things secret when he’s gallivanting across Atlanta with the biggest pop superstar on the planet, so all I’ll say is that he’s in Atlanta.”

When it comes to other possible ghosts coming back to town… Aunt Jenna, perhaps? Plec assures us that the dead folks coming back are not limited to Vicki and Anna.]

Let the speculation begin! What do you think H.U.M. is back for? Perhaps a little revenge on one Damon Salvatore for, you know, ripping his heart out after a long torture party?

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie