tvd matt ty jer 'The Vampire Diaries': Is Tyler going to kill one of his best friends?Uh-oh. When “The Vampire Diaries” revealed that in order to make his full werewolf transformation, Tyler (Michael Trevino) would have to kill a human, I couldn’t help but worry about the fate of Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) and Matt (Zach Roerig), since they’re the people who spend the most time with Tyler.

At this weekend’s NYC Comic-Con, executive producer Julie Plec didn’t do much to ease my worries. Of course, she wouldn’t reveal who the unlucky character would be, but she did give me an ominous hint.

“The way that that plays out, when it plays out, you’re going to be concerned for someone on this table,” she admits. “We’ll just have to wait and see how it comes out the other side.”

At the table were Roerig, McQueen, Sara Canning (Aunt Jenna) and Katerina Graham (Bonnie). Executive producer Kevin Williamson was also present, but I’m just going to take a wild guess that he’s safe.

Of course, “concern” doesn’t necessarily mean that one of the people in question is a goner. I also wouldn’t be surprised if it’s Uncle Mason (Taylor Kinney) who bites the bullet at Tyler’s hand, since Mason is now an official bad guy.

So who do you think is on death watch? Let’s discuss all the possibilities in the comments below. Meanwhile, I’ll just be over here in my corner, keeping vigil over Matt’s life.

EDIT: According to E! Online, an upcoming death will be permanent. “And
it won’t be the
Jeremy-got-his-neck-snapped-but-was-wearing-a-magic-ring kind of death.
This one will be for good. The character will be no more. And the actor
will no longer be working on the show.

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Photo: The CW

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie