tvd joseph morgan tux 'The Vampire Diaries' Joseph Morgan reminds us that Klaus is more murderer than sensitive artistWe like to think we’re pretty tuned in to “The Vampire Diaries” fandom, but when fans went from loving to hate Klaus this season — what with his murderous ways and creepy boxes of dead family members — to sympathizing with (and swooning over) him, we got a little bit of whiplash. He killed Aunt Jenna, you guys!

It’s amazing to see the affect a well-timed love interest can have on viewers’ perception of a character. “This Caroline storyline has really gotten people on board the romantic train with Klaus, hasn’t it?” Joseph Morgan laughs when we bring up the change of heart. “It’s really changed into people desperately wanting them to be together. Imagine if he kills her in the finale? I’d be hated forever, wouldn’t I?”

In tonight’s episode, we’ll be reminded of just how devious Klaus can be — after all, it’s important for the audience to understand why the Salvatores are still so dedicated to ridding Mystic Falls of Originals. “Certainly, building up to the finale, we do need to sort of raise the stakes and make it more epic,” he says, hinting that even with his crush on Caroline, Klaus has no intention of going quietly.

When he learns that the Salvatores and their merry band of misfits have procured weapons that will actually work against him, his dark side rears its not-at-all-ugly head. “Klaus is all about breaking this binding spell that links him and his siblings together. Once he gets something in his mind like that, once he finds out about these twelve weapons that can kill him and his family, he’ll start really going all-out. That’s when we see him at his most evil, I think.”

This week, Bonnie is the target of his evil scheme. For those of you thinking there may be romantic sparks between them — yeah, we’ve seen your Tumblrs — you may want to board a new ‘ship. “I keep seeing people talking about this ‘Klonnie’ relationship,” Morgan says. “I mean — I’ve had minimal screen time with her, and all I’ve ever done is threaten and be horrible to her. I don’t know what these people think a good relationship is based on.”

(Murder, mostly. This is the “Vampire Diaries” fandom.)

Morgan says that Klaus uses his specialty, “emotional blackmail,” to coerce Bonnie in tonight’s episode. “Certainly he’s not above threatening her and the people that she loves to get what he wants, which is to be rid of that binding spell.”

Given that he carried his siblings’ bodies around for centuries on end, his determination to break the bond surprised us — but given Klaus’ lust for power, he’s not interested in being part of a chain with a weak link. As far as he’s concerned, Finn, who returns in tonight’s episode, is that weak link. Klaus’ dream has always been to reunite his family, but Finn is no longer part of that inner circle.

“I think he doesn’t care about Finn anymore,” Morgan says. “I think he still holds hope for Kol and Elijah and, most certainly, Rebekah, but I think as far as Finn’s concerned, Finn completely betrayed him. He’s a massive liability because he wants to commit suicide, to martyr himself to destroy the rest of them. Klaus will use Finn in whatever way he needs to, to break the spell.”

As for Caroline, we last saw Klaus burning his drawings of her after realizing that she’d been faking their connection to distract him while Alaric tried to kill his brother.

Despite feeling betrayed in that moment, though, Klaus hasn’t given up on our Miss Mystic Falls. “I’ll tell you that he’s definitely still interested,” Morgan says emphatically. “In the instant that he’s hurt, he’ll burn all the pictures; he’s impulsive. But a thousand years on the planet have given him a certain degree of patience, so I think he’ll come around. I don’t want to call it love, but he’s absolutely infatuated with her. As far as I know, his motives are genuine with Caroline, and it’s not part of some greater scheme or some greater manipulation. He does want to show her the world. He’s not ready to give up yet.”

It’s a good thing, too — because neither are the fans.

Tune in tonight at 8 p.m. EST on The CW, and keep an eye on Zap2it for more from Joseph Morgan (and Candice Accola!) on what’s to come for Klaus and Caroline.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie