tvd klaroline shreds art 'The Vampire Diaries': Julie Plec explains why Caroline shredded Klaus' 'Klaroline' drawing

On Thursday (Feb. 6) night’s “The Vampire Diaries,” the Klaroline ‘shippers’ hearts broke into a million little pieces when Caroline (Candice Accola) destroyed the drawing that Klaus (Joseph Morgan) gave to her as a symbolic way of starting fresh without any emotional baggage. “I am making a decision,” Caroline says triumphantly as she put the drawing through a shredder. “These relationships are over. I’m not going to change my mind just because I’m feeling bored or nostalgic or lonely.”

In equal opportunity ‘shipper devastation, Caroline also shredded photos of her and ex Tyler (Michael Trevino), but Klaroline ‘shippers were the most vocal on social media with their hurt and anger over Caroline’s move, as it seemed to signify the end of her and Klaus’ “relationship” — at least for a long, long time.

However, the blonde vampire’s actions shouldn’t have come as a surprise to fans. The Klaroline hookup only happened after Caroline made Klaus promise to never come back. “In the category of my least favorite topic for fear of no matter how I say something someone’s going to scream at me, Klaus made a promise that he wouldn’t return,” executive producer Julie Plec tells a small group of reporters after a screening of an episode of Morgan’s series, “The Originals.”

While the art-shredding moment was a low point for Klaroline shippers, Plec reminds fans that it’s in line with how Caroline feels at the moment. “Caroline was very clear that she’s got other plans,” Plec says. “She’s got some stuff she’s got to deal with, he’s got some stuff he’s got to deal with, so the plans to cross paths with them right now don’t seem very realistic but that doesn’t mean in life there aren’t opportunities.”

And don’t let the ruined drawing put a shadow over the Klaroline hookup, because that wasn’t just a throwaway moment. “The point of that was to deliver on the story line that had been left dangling and to get those characters to a new place with each other,” Plec says.

As meaningful as that drawing was, it’s about time that Caroline got back to her awesome, single self. You do you, Caroline. We support you no matter who’s at your side. 

“The Vampire Diaries” returns with new episodes on Thursday, February 27 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum