tvd 409 faithful elena jeremy 'The Vampire Diaries': Let's talk about Jeremy's arms and nothing else“The Vampire Diaries” fandom is pretty divided, given the various breakups and makeups and sire bonds and meaningful glances going around. Still, there’s one thing we can all agree on: Steven R. McQueen is really not horrible to look at. The CW clearly knows its target audience, and has given us this gift of a clip in order to help us get through the week before this Thursday’s winter finale.

Maybe some stuff actually happens in this clip, but all we’re seeing is McQueen’s arms. This is just a shot in the dark, but we think maybe possibly he’s been working out just a tiny little bit.

Okay, okay, but seriously. The clip features Jeremy chopping wood (while wearing a tank top) at the Gilbert lake house. That hunter strength is definitely paying off — but all Jeremy can focus on is murdering vampires, so when Elena and Damon drive up, his urges nearly get the better of him. Bonnie seems to be able to calm him down, though. Is it too late for us to hope those two get back together for the holidays?

Damon is surprised to learn that Elena invited Creepy Professor Shane to the lake house, and frankly, so are we. It’s not easy to get invited into the Mystic Falls Monster Circle Of Trust, and we’re not entirely sure that Shane has earned his place there quite yet.

But really, what does that matter? Let’s go back to shameless objectification.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie