marguerite macintyre tvd 100 'The Vampire Diaries': Marguerite MacIntyre reflects on 100 episodes, being on both sides of the camera, and Sheriff Forbes' future

Even supernatural beings have to answer to human laws, and that’s where Sheriff Forbes (Marguerite MacIntyre) comes in on “The Vampire Diaries.” Too bad that the vampires, werewolves, witches and hybrids tend to not listen to Caroline’s mom.

That certainly doesn’t stop her from trying, though. Next up in Zap2it’s countdown to “The Vampire Diaries” 100th episode is Mystic Falls’ resident sheriff/empty nester Liz Forbes. Zap2it caught up with MacIntyre down in Atlanta for the star-studded wrap party, and she was ecstatic that The CW’s supernatural drama reached the big milestone episode, though she didn’t predict it happening five years ago.

“I had no idea. Listen, I had no idea if I would even be here now. I didn’t know if I’d do five episodes and then leave, so it’s a miracle I’m here,” MacIntyre tells Zap2it. “And the show itself, it’s so rare for any show to go this long anymore. So no, I don’t think I necessarily assumed if it would or wouldn’t make it. I think it’s a testament to how really creative the story telling is and how engaging our characters are. They’re just really pushing great stories and they continue to do a great job with it. They keep surprising us.”

MacIntyre has the unique experience of being on both sides of the camera in “The Vampire Diaries” franchise, since she’s a writer on the spinoff series, “The Originals,” as well. 

“I’m working behind the scenes on ‘The Originals’ and it’s fascinating. It’s so great seeing the love the writers and the producers have for these characters,” MacIntyre says. “I knew it before but seeing how much everyone roots for their characters and how passionate they write for these characters, it’s a great thing to see. The amount of passion in the writers room on a Thursday at noon is just astronomical. Being on the sets in Atlanta is beautiful, seeing how hard everyone’s working and how passionate everyone is, cast and crew alike.”

So what’s Sheriff Forbes up to now that her daughter is off at college (most of the time)? “She could be drinking with Matt at the bar,” MacIntyre says with a laugh. “But she’s probably finally sheriffing the town now that it’s calmed down a little. Or not. She’s probably just as effective or ineffective as ever. She’s trying to fight her way through as just a little human in a town filled with supernaturals.”

MacIntyre is really excited that Sheriff Forbes got to be in the 100th episode, but she isn’t sure what Liz’s future holds. 

“I don’t know what their trajectory is with Sheriff Forbes right now. She does show up in the 100th episode, but then I don’t really know what her thing is after that,” MacIntyre says. “I’m so wrapped up in ‘The Originals’ right now that I can’t possibly hold another thought, unlike [‘The Vampire Diaries’ and ‘The Originals’ executive producer] Julie Plec who is just some kind of a freak of nature. She’s amazing. I don’t understand how her brain could hold that much. But I’m always thrilled whenever I get to show up in an episode. It makes me happy.”

And while we squeezed MacIntyre for as much scoop on the big episode as we could, she was mostly tight-lipped. “I will say that you will see a lot of familiar faces and it’s very thrilling,” MacIntyre teases. “Watch it live. You will regret not watching it as soon as it airs, believe me.”

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