tvd murder matt and other people 'The Vampire Diaries': Matt gets to play with the big kids while Klaus holds Bonnie hostageThere’s nothing that pleases us more than when Matt shows up in a “Vampire Diaries” clip… unless it’s because he’s headed for battle with a scary Original vampire.

We just want to see the kid graduate alive and with all of his limbs still attached, okay?

In this week’s episode, Stefan and Damon call Caroline, Elena, and Matt together to get their final revenge on the Original family. We understand why Alaric is left out of the deal — his brain is broken and he’d probably end up staking Elena or something — but we’re confused about why Matt is there. We sort of thought Damon and Stefan had forgotten that he exists.

While Caroline suggests that they leave Bonnie out of the angst to let her recover from her mother’s abandonment (the sequel), that doesn’t mean that Bonnie will be off-screen, grieving. Bonnie is in the episode, but she’ll probably wish she’d stayed home, because she’ll be spending the  hour as Klaus’ personal witch-servant while he does his best to break the bond his mother built between the Original siblings.

Let’s just say that once again, it’s not a good day for Ms. Bennett. Tune in Thursday night at 8 p.m. EST.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie