tvd trevino vid 4 'The Vampire Diaries': Michael Trevino on Tyler's goodbye to Mystic FallsIf you’ve been following-slash-stalking “The Vampire Diaries” star Michael Trevino on Twitter (guilty), you may have noticed that he’s been spending an awful lot of time not filming the show.

His absence from Atlanta was explained at the end of Thursday night’s new episode, “Crying Wolf,” in which Tyler decided to leave Mystic Falls behind to fall in with Jules (Michaela McManus) and the wolf pack.

Yes. We cried. Shut up.

We know what you’re wondering: Is Tyler coming back? The answer is a definite maybe. He wasn’t killed off, which is a good sign for us Tyler fans. Plus, we can assume that breaking the werewolf curse is still a priority.

Trevino visited us at Zap2it to discuss the circumstances of Tyler’s grand exit. “It was just too much for him,” Trevino says. “Too many cooks in the kitchen, really, because everybody was just trying to get in his head. He’s still really lost at that point, and very vulnerable. He needed to leave.”

There will be another full moon in Mystic Falls before the end of the season, but the question remains as to whether Tyler will be around for the big night. “We’ve told the transformation story already,” executive producer Julie Plec says. “Now he’s moving on to the next part of his journey, which is, ‘How do I live like this for the rest of my life?’ The way that it all fell out, the first part of Tyler’s journey ended right when we had a lot to focus on with Elijah and the witches and imminent arrival of Klaus, so we figured it was a good time to give him that hero’s goodbye.”

When Plec and Kevin Williamson sat down with Trevino to fill him in on his character’s fate, it came as a bit of a surprise to him, too. “I knew that there was going to be this battle with the vampires and the werewolves, I knew that somebody was going to have to go,” Trevino says. “And when they said it was going to be me, I was kind of like, ‘Okay… interesting.'”

It’s clear he’s not particularly psyched about his extended vacation (hey, the guy loves his job), and he’s genuinely just as curious as we are about if and when Tyler will come back into town. “Now my mind’s going crazy because I’m wondering what’s in store now. When and if Tyler were to come back, either at all, or this season, or maybe he doesn’t come back until Season 3 – how’s he going to be? How much of a changed person is he going to be?”

Because of the firestorm of vampire vs. werewolf activity in town, Tyler hasn’t had much time to mourn for his Uncle Mason, who died at the hand of Damon (Ian Somerhalder) — literally — while Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) stood by.

McQueen tells us that he’s hoping that Tyler’s return also brings back the precarious friendship that was beginning to forge between Tyler and Jeremy. “I really hope that eventually their friendship will blossom again,” McQueen says. “Seeing Mason die was a big moment for Jeremy. The only other time he’s seen someone die, it was Vicki, and his memory of the night was erased. Seeing Mason killed was the first time that he was part of something that his family legacy really calls for. So there’s definitely a lot left to explore for Tyler and Jeremy, and I do hope we see it eventually.”

And then, of course, there’s Caroline (Candice Accola). Tyler and Matt (Zach Roerig) shared a touching moment before Tyler split. “She loves you, and she needs you,” Tyler said. “And to be honest, she deserves
someone like you, so you be good to her. Okay?”

We love Tyler and Caroline together, but it’s hard to deny the
instinctive antagonism between vampires and werewolves. When we ask
Trevino if he thinks Caroline is better off without Tyler, he hesitates,
before finally saying, “Yes. Yes, I do.”

What!? Is Trevino the newest member of Team Matt? Kind of. “I think Matt will balance her out. The thing is, I don’t know how she would ever tell him, if she even does tell him. Does she just keep it a secret from him? We know she likes to keep secrets,” he says. “Yeah, she’s better off with Matt, for balance. It would’ve been nice, for a vampire and a werewolf [to have a] legit relationship, to see if that would even be possible, but then again, who knows? Tyler’s gone, when he comes back, maybe he’s going to pursue her again.”

We’re not sure that Tyler will be feeling particularly amorous if and when he does return to Mystic Falls. From what we know of Jules, Tyler is in for a lot of life changes — and if we see him again, he’s going to be very different from the friendly teenage werewolf we know and love.

Trevino is hoping that when Tyler returns, he’ll have matured significantly… even if that means turning against his friends. “If you’re a werewolf and you’re only going to stick with werewolves,
then be that way. If you can’t be friends and you have to 86 a few
people out of your life, then do that,” he says. “I just want him to pick a side
and not do both.”

After all, Tyler’s biggest goal right now is to avoid transforming again. To do that, he needs to break the curse… which means sacrificing Elena. Though Plec doesn’t say whether Tyler will return, she does tell us, “As long as the curse is still in play, Tyler has unfinished business.”

Tyler remains one of the few characters on the show without an inherent need to protect Elena at all costs. Tonight he proved that he’s willing to go to some seriously dangerous lengths to break the curse, though he did have a change of heart in the end. Should we be worried about him returning as a villain?

“You might,” Trevino says. “The thing we have to ask now is where is he going, what is he doing, and who is he with? So, when he comes back, what has he been up to? Is he coming back for vengeance? Would he come back to break this curse? Or, would he come back to make peace and see if they can all coexist within Mystic Falls?”

Peaceful coexistence in Mystic Falls? Right.

Weigh in on “Crying Wolf” in the comments section below, vamp fans — we’re dying to hear what you thought of the episode. I’ll have my recap up shortly, but in the meantime, don’t miss the video interview with Trevino for more on Tyler’s big goodbye and his summer plans.

If you want to see more of Trevino, and can get to Atlanta this spring, he’ll be appearing in person at EyeCon Vampire Diaries, the first North American “TVD” convention from March 25-27. He’ll be joined by Paul Wesley, McQueen, and more “TVD” stars. Zap2it will be in the house… will you?

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