trevino surfboard teen choice 'The Vampire Diaries' Michael Trevino: Will Tyler and Caroline give into their 'urges'?“The Vampire Diaries” cast cleaned up at Sunday night’s Teen Choice Awards ceremony, as we expected them to do, of course. Before Michael Trevino won “Choice Scene Stealer” for his performance as rebellious teen werewolf Tyler, he caught up with Zap2it on the blue carpet, where we tried (and failed) to trick him into giving us the scoop on the Caroline/Tyler relationship status. Those CW stars know how to keep their secrets.

A full moon is coming to Mystic Falls in the second episode of the season, but transforming is not Tyler’s only problem right now. He’s dealing with some raging teenage hormones… amplified by those wolf issues. Basically, he’s “horny all the time,” as we learned from executive producer Julie Plec.

“I think that because he’s got this werewolf thing going on, he’s gonna be snapping,” Trevino tells us. “He’s gonna want some. You would think though, that also vampires kind of have the same urges as well. So that could be interesting.”

Vampires like… Caroline (Candice Accola), perhaps? Wink-wink, nudge-nudge, etc.

Mayor Carol Lockwood and Sheriff Liz Forbes aren’t going to make it easy on them, though. If Caroline and Tyler do hook up after their Summer Vacation of Friendship, things will be further complicated as their families get involved in ways that will definitely surprise you. We don’t want to spoil the fun, so we’ll just say that one of the moms makes a move that the other one isn’t likely to forgive.

“I can say in the second episode, you’ll see more of the families,” Trevino says. “Both my mother and her mother are coming into play. It is a Romeo and Juliet relationship.”

Let’s hope it ends better for the Lockwoods and Forbes than it did for the Montagues and Capulets.

Despite rushing to her bedside at the end of Season 2, Tyler’s never been much of a mama’s boy, and it looks like the tension in the Lockwood mansion isn’t going to ease in the very near future. “She’s going to have her point of view, and he’s going to stick to his guns,” he teases. “But then you’ve got to realize that Tyler’s mom doesn’t realize that he’s a werewolf yet, so we have that whole aspect that’s probably going to be addressed in the beginning of the season.”

Recently, Trevino tweeted that after two whole seasons, he finally shot a one-on-one scene with co-star Nina Dobrev. We’d been wondering whether Tyler and Elena — yes, she was Elena, not Katherine — were friends, since they interact so rarely. “They are friends,” Trevino says. “I can say it was a friendly scene.” While Trevino may not be particularly forthcoming with details, we’ve heard that Tyler may actually help Elena find something she’s been looking for all summer… or someone.

Catch our video below to hear more from Trevino, including the song that’s been on heavy rotation on his iPod this summer.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie