mayor lockwood vampire diaries 'The Vampire Diaries': Mystic Falls says goodbye to a pillar of the townOn tonight’s not-so-merry Christmas episode of “The Vampire Diaries,” Mystic Falls said goodbye to Mayor Carol Lockwood (Susan Walters) in a snowy, heartbreaking sequence.

After Klaus discovered Tyler’s secret plan to free his sired hybrids and stage a revolution against the most powerful Original, he went on a massacre, killing all of the hybrids, as blood spilled set to a poignant “O Holy Night” soundtrack. Then, Klaus exacted his terrifying revenge on Tyler’s mother, his last remaining family member. Blood-splattered and shimmering with anger, Klaus calmly held the champagne-buzzed Mayor’s head under water and left her in the town square.

It’s not the first time Klaus has used Tyler’s mother against him. In Season 2, after Tyler left Mystic Falls to join Jules’ werewolf pack, Klaus lured him back to town by launching Carol down the staircase at the mansion. The news that his mother was hospitalized was enough to bring Tyler home, where Klaus was ready to sacrifice him on an altar of blood. Luckily for us, he escaped and lived on to become Klaus’s very first hybrid.

Though we’ll certainly miss Mayor Lockwood’s town party/memorial/ball/pageant speeches (how many times have we heard her say the words “Welcome to the Mystic Falls [insert event here]”?) let’s face it — she was sort of a terrible mayor. She only got the gig because her husband (RIP) was set on fire by Uncle John (RIP), after all. Apparently, Mystic Falls’ official town positions work just like a monarchy. Plus, she spent most of her time as Mayor trying to cover up “animal attacks” that were actually murders and verbally sparring with the town’s terrible sheriff, Liz Forbes.

susan walters vampire diaries 'The Vampire Diaries': Mystic Falls says goodbye to a pillar of the townCarol is survived only by her son, Tyler, because everyone else in her family is dead, though she probably thinks Mason (RIP) is still surfing in Florida, being a deadbeat Hot Uncle. She was a pretty mediocre mom — her son ran away an awful lot, and frankly, she barely seemed to notice. We’re still a little mad at her for calling Caroline a prostitute that one time, though it is a little weird that Tyler had so much teenage monster sex while his mom was home.

Luckily, before she died, she was able to share a drink with her underage son in public — and to tell Tyler how proud she is of him, and that his father would be proud of him, too. (Never mind the part where his father was an abusive d-bag. Death erases that, don’t you know?)

The real impact of Carol’s death, of course, is on Tyler, who had some pretty serious rage issues before he became an orphan. Now, so his mother’s death won’t be in vain, he’s certain to follow through on his plan to exact revenge on Klaus. The question is whether or not Tyler is willing to make it a suicide mission, since their strategy involves sticking Klaus’s body into concrete, while Tyler is piloting the ship. After all, since he’s a descendant of Klaus’s vampire bloodline, if Klaus actually dies, he will too — not to mention that Stefan, Damon, and Caroline could potentially go down with him.

Another question that arises here: It’s been a while since Klaus has done any cold-blooded murdering of people that the Mystic Falls gang actually cares about. With him taking out his rage on Tyler’s one remaining family member, he’s reminded us of how evil he can be. More importantly, he’s reminded Caroline of how evil he can be. Can she still find it in her heart to be nice to (and potentially fall for) the guy who killed her boyfriend’s mother? And will Klaus still carry a torch for Caroline if he knows she was in on Tyler’s scheming?

The Klaroline ship may be headed for rocky waters, but if Damon and Elena can survive that thing he did in the Season 2 premiere, Klaus and Caroline could still end up sailing off into the sunset together.

Thank you for your service, Susan Walters!

 'The Vampire Diaries': Mystic Falls says goodbye to a pillar of the townI’ll post a full recap of the episode, “O Come, All Ye Faithful,” later tonight as a special holiday treat. I just can’t resist writing about all the fireside chats and heartbreak and unexpected Salvatore amazingness.
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