The CW has clearly been hard at work on their marketing campaign for fall. They've just released a whole new slew of photos for "The Vampire Diaries" that are super creepy sexy.

Yeah, creepy sexy.

I ran into Ian Somerhalder (aka "Lost"'s Boone, aka "VD"'s bad boy vamp, Damon) this weekend, who actually told me a bit more about how creepy sexy the show's going to be…

Though Somerhalder is tasting the neck of co-star Nina Dobrev in this pic, Damon was busy feasting on another lady this week.

The reason Somerhalder didn't make it to Press Tour's "VD" panel? He was biting into the blond chick on the show (I'm assuming Sara Canning). Ian said the girl had never done a love scene on camera before. When I asked if he went easy on her, he laughed and told me, "No. That would be way out of character."

When they finished shooting, she had his teeth

marks all over her body. Ian said he felt awful when she lifted up

her shirt and he saw his handiwork. She wasn't complaining though. Wonder why…

The impression I got from Dobrev during Press Tour? Pretty happy to be manhandled by Somerhalder and Paul Wesley as well.

This is Paul (good guy vamp, Stefan), by the way.

Which boy would you rather be roughed up by?

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