the vampire diaries rescue me damon elena sex 'The Vampire Diaries': Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder tease Damon and Elena's 'friends with benefits' experiment and more Even though Elena and Damon tried to break up at the end of last week’s episode of “The Vampire Diaries,” it’s pretty safe to say that it didn’t stick seeing as how the two vampires fell right back into bed with each other the next second. The biggest question on everyone’s mind: Is Delena broken up or back together?

Neither, it would seem. That’s right, Elena and Damon are going to try being friends with benefits, although “TVD” star Ian Somerhalder doesn’t have the highest of hopes for that experiment. “Friends with benefits never ultimately work,” Somerhalder tells Zap2it. “They are wonderful for a spell. But hey, you never know.”

His co-star Nina Dobrev feels the same way. “Well, we’ve all seen the movie ‘Friends With Benefits’ with Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake, right?” Dobrev tells Zap2it. “Everyone always goes into that whole arrangement with optimistic views and wanting it to work but it always gets messy. It’s hard to just separate sex and emotions. Those just go together.”

Complicating matters is the fact that both Damon and Elena are coming down from being infected with the ripper virus, so things won’t be normal for a while. “Damon’s head is in the clouds. He’s going to need an exorbitant amount of booze and a little love to come out of this thing,” Somerhalder says. “Damon has these cycles where he goes through these super intense moments. He lives within the confines of the experiences in which he is given. So he’s never truly happy.”

He continues, “People are never happy in Mystic Falls because then there would be no drama. No drama, no show. So he’s just now focused on the next thing. ‘How do I protect my girl?’ His girl and his brother are the two most important things in his life.”

That might be a little difficult to do, however, now that shady siblings Luke and Liv have woven themselves into Elena’s life for mysterious purposes. “Elena is definitely going to butt heads with them in ways that are not positive,” Dobrev teases. “I can’t give away anything. I have to be a little vague there.”

And as for Elena’s relationship with Jeremy, things are about to take a hard left turn when Jeremy makes a decision that leaves Elena devastated. What’s he gotten himself into?

“All I can say is that it’s been great to play and watch Elena grow as a character,” Dobrev says. “She’s had to make a lot of really difficult decisions that have influenced herself and others around her, and now Jeremy is going to have to make one that is similar. So she will be majorly affected by it but because of what she has gone through, she understands, as well. She knows that she has to let him be his own person and make his own decisions because she did the same.”

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Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum