nina dobrev teen choice carpet 'The Vampire Diaries' Nina Dobrev: Katherine's next hookup is coming, plus... is this the season of 'Delena'?Sure, when we watch “The Vampire Diaries,” we’re concerned about the plot and the blood and the life-and-death of it all… but deep down, what we really want to know is who is going to make out next. Is that so wrong?

When we caught up with Zap2it fave Nina Dobrev at the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday night (where she won Choice Female Actor: Fantasy/Sci Fi!), we had to grill her about her various on-screen conquests. Katherine’s last boyfriend, Mason Lockwood, is dead, and the Salvatore brothers have moved on to her doppelganger. Luckily, it looks like the Petrova fire will heat up soon — “The Vampire Diaries” cast is currently shooting the third episode of Season 2, and Nina already knows who Katherine’s next hookup will be!

Of course, she’s not telling us who it is… but one thing we can be sure of — Katherine’s not a one man kind of woman. “That’s the thing about Katherine,” Nina teases. “She doesn’t like to have one cupcake; she likes to try each flavor.” (For the record, we’re hoping it’s Matt. Like everyone else in Mystic
Falls, our favorite Grill busboy’s got some Elena issues that need working

Speaking of busboys… Elena’s little brother, Jeremy, will also be putting on that blue Mystic Grill shirt this summer when he takes a job at the vampire Peach Pit. It’ll bring him a little closer to Matt, and allow him to earn some cash, which is important, because he and Elena don’t have Aunt Jenna around to support them anymore.

Now that Elena is 18 — the Season 3 premiere will feature her birthday party — she’s old enough to be a guardian to Jeremy. “She is now of age to take care of herself, and to take care of her minor brother. Whether she will or won’t, I can’t give away,” says Nina. “She’s trying her best, but it’s almost like one step forward, two steps back. She’s back to the way she was in the pilot, really, when her parents died and she was in this state where she was sad and conflicted and trying to move on, but now, she has to put on the game face again pretend that everything’s okay even though it’s not.”

Don’t worry, Delena fans — we didn’t forget about you. We’re hoping that this year, Elena might finally return Damon’s feelings for her… and we did our very best to get some scoop out of Nina. Of course, she’s pretty much the best secret keeper we know, but you can hear what she did say by watching the video below.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie