tvd hillywood 'The Vampire Diaries' parody: The Hillywood Show shows us their teethHow is it possible that there are two people in the world with hair like Stefan Salvatore? We usually don’t post parody videos, but The Hillywood Show‘s “Vampire Diaries” parody is too brilliant to ignore.

Sisters Hilly and Hannah Hindi do all the production on their own – from scouting locations to securing props – for “The Hillywood Show,” which became an internet sensation when they parodied “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.” (They’re so well-known amongst the Twi-Hards that they now host “Twilight” conventions, where they sell their autographs to raise funds for future projects.)

In their latest video, they remix Lady Gaga’s “Teeth” with a new “Vampire Diaries” twist. Hilly plays a perfect Katherine Pierce as she seduces and scares Damon (Nick Strong) and Stefan (Brett Culbert.) Check it out below — even the bloopers are entertaining!

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie