paul wesley ktla 'The Vampire Diaries' Paul Wesley: Phantoms, free stuff, and fangirls!We’re accustomed to Paul Wesley being brooding and serious on “The Vampire Diaries,” so it was nice to see the lighter side of Wesley when he stopped by the KTLA Morning Show on Wednesday (Oct. 20). He hesitantly confessed that he’d once played “The Phantom of the Opera” — but of course, he only admitted it because somewhere out there, there’s footage.

“I was like, in third grade, and I had this mask, but the mask was made for an adult and it kept falling off,” he says. “I was trying to be a serious phantom!”

Where exactly is this footage he speaks of? I want it.

Co-star Nina Dobrev‘s recent appearance on the morning show was brought up, where she mentioned that producers call an actor to warn them in advance before a character is killed off. “Little does she know, she’s getting the boot!” Wesley joked. “Hopefully I won’t be in that situation.”

Wesley is looking forward to heading to Miami next weekend for the last stop of “The Vampire Diaries” Hot Topic Tour, and he dutifully says that yes, he has shopped at Hot Topic. “I have a little sister,” he says. “They gave me a gift card.”

It’s not the only thing he’s gotten for free. Since the show took off, the free stuff has been coming in by the truckload. “Gratuitous, materialistic, give it to me all!” he jokes. “We get sent things. It’s one of the perks… I have people that send me stylish things, now so I’ve upped my game, apparently.”

At the end of the interview, an intern who is a big fan of Wesley’s and he playfully waves her off before hopping off the stage to hug her. (Wesley has a tendency to jump off stage for fans regularly.) “Did you guys pay her?” he asks.

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Posted by:Carina MacKenzie