tvd ep 3 recap 'The Vampire Diaries' recap: The enemy of your enemy should be your friend, right? Wrong.

What. Just. Happened?

Have you caught your breath yet? We sure haven’t. Thursday (Oct. 17) night’s all-new episode of “The Vampire Diaries” was so epic, filled with so many twists and reveals that we actually had to keep reminding ourselves that it wasn’t a season finale. No, it’s only the third episode of the season.

So what happened that kept making our jaws fall to floor? Hold on to your hats daylight rings, people, because it’s about to hit the fan.

Is the Ripper back?

Actually, despite what the promos were saying, the Ripper didn’t return. Stefan’s hallucinations with Elena kept him from flipping his switch, and though he was starving and killed the guy who opened his safe, he didn’t kill the innocent bartender he happened upon later. After biting her, he actually told her to run! Good Stefan is still here — which is awesome, because repeating the whole Ripper Stefan story, while entertaining, would have been repetitive. 

Stefan, in his hunger, tried to run after the bartender but the sun was coming up … and he didn’t have his daylight ring (Silas stole it from Stefan, but Damon stole it from Silas). So how did Stefan get to safety? Tessa found him and brought him to a cabin. 

Who is Tessa?

Well, hello, Qetsiyah. Nice to finally meet you.

Yes, Janina Gavankar‘s mysterious role is none other than the oldest witch that created the Other Side, the immortality spell that gave Silas everlasting life, and the immortality cure that everyone was racing to find last season. But now that she’s back (thanks to Bonnie lifting the veil last season), she’d prefer to go by Tessa … and her centuries living on the Other Side have made her one pissed-off, scorned woman.

So why did Tessa come back after 2,000 years living on the Other Side? Since Silas was “being a little stubborn” and refused to take the cure he was buried with, Tessa needed a new plan to make her one true love suffer for what he did to her. What caused her to hold a 2,000 year grudge? Time a for a history lesson … with flashback hair!

Silas, Qetsiyah, and Amara

2,000 years ago, Silas and Tessa were the most powerful Travelers (gypsies), and were supposedly in love. They were planning to get married, and Tessa created the immortality spell for both of them so they could be together forever. However, Tessa wasn’t Silas’ one true love … he was just using her to get the immortality spell for him and his actual one true love: Tessa’s handmaiden, Amara. 

Who is Amara? The original Petrova doppelgänger. Yeah, the doppelgängers/shadow selves were created by nature when Silas and Amara took the immortality spell to create balance. Since they could not be killed, their shadow selves could, and so nature kept creating new ones over and over and over again.

However, Silas and Amara could be killed if they took the cure for immortality that Tessa created. She found Amara in the woods, forced her to take the cure, and killed her … brutally, we might add. She then waited for Silas to return, and offered him a second chance. If he took the cure, he could live out a mortal life with Tessa. She would forgive him for his betrayal and they would be happy. But he refused, so she created the Other Side as a barrier to separate Silas from Amara, even in death.

Tessa’s new plan

Since she was able to return from the Other Side, Tessa made a new plan. Because Silas refused to take the cure and die, she had to figure out a new way to make him suffer for what he did to her, and that’s why she needed Stefan (she also needs Katherine too, more on that in a bit). 

Tessa used Stefan for a spell to link him to Silas, and then fried both of their brains — which should be noted, Stefan agreed to do since he and Tessa both wanted the same thing: Silas neutralized. The enemy of your enemy is your friend right? It seemed that way at first since now Silas can’t use his mind control. But twist: the damages Stefan suffered as a result of the spell completely destroyed all his memory. He didn’t recognized Elena or Damon when he finally woke up. Wait, what? Let’s go back to the beginning of Elena and Damon’s side of the story.

The search for Stefan

Elena had a dream about Stefan attacking the bartender at the bar, and it felt too real to ignore. That, and Katherine had the exact same dream. So it was time for the most uncomfortable road trip ever to find Stefan and bring him home. But when they got to the bar from their dream, they were attacked by Nadia, who wanted Katherine to bring to Silas. 

Damon and Elena decide to split up: Elena would protect Katherine from Nadia, while Damon would find Stefan at the cabin the bartender described. Their goodbye: so amazing. The love between these two is so strong. 

Nadia brought Katherine to Silas, and as he was about to make Nadia shoot herself in the heart (!), Tessa’s spell kicked in and Silas was rendered powerless. Good timing? We might hate Nadia, but it’s a really good thing Silas didn’t get his hands on Katherine … since her blood is now the cure. So that’s why Silas wants her so badly! 

Tessa also wants Katherine for that same reason, and it turns out she was the one who planted Elena and Katherine’s dreams in their heads. She needed Katherine to come to her, but Nadia’s got her holed up in a hotel room somewhere. 

So Elena failed to get Katherine, but how did Damon fare?

Damon doesn’t care what the universe thinks

Damon found Stefan and Tessa in the cabin, and while Stefan was knocked unconscious by her spell, Tessa revealed a new bump in the road for Damon’s relationship with Elena. Over the centuries, she’s watched from the Other Side as each pair of doppelgängers have found each other and fallen in love, over and over and over again. Stefan and Elena weren’t the first, and Tessa says that Damon won’t stand a chance against it happening again. 

But since Damon is Damon, he couldn’t care less what the universe has to say, or what fate has in store. Even when Tessa gave him the opportunity to pretend like he never found her and Stefan and to go off happily with Elena, he attacked her. She knocked him out, and disappeared. Elena showed up, and the two of them brought Stefan home.

While they waited for Stefan to wake up, they shared one of the most powerful Delena scenes to date. Damon spilled everything that Tessa said about the universe, but they both didn’t care. Not even fate can come between these two, but it looks like a new wrench has been thrown into the equation: Stefan’s memory loss. 

Matt Donovan: No longer the token human

That’s right, Matt is no longer the only human of the Mystic Falls group. He’s got a traveler riding shotgun in his head!

It turns out Nadia didn’t actually kill her fellow traveler, Gregor, last week. She was only putting on a show for Silas to gain his trust, and though she killed his body, she put his spirit into Matt. He can take over Matt’s body at will, and that’s what Nadia and Gregor plan to do permanently. But for now, Matt is just blacking out when Gregor takes over. 

You can just tell how much fun Zach Roerig is going to have this season with this new story line. He was absolutely killing it with the accent and rage and everything. While we’re excited for Roerig’s new story line, we’re extremely nervous for Matt. 

All in all, this episode was one of the best of the series, no doubt. We got answers to so many questions — even ones we didn’t even know we had — and even without Caroline, Jeremy, Bonnie, and Ty
ler, it really felt like we were back to the original “The Vampire Diaries” (ironic, since we had to let go of the Originals to get that back). The mythology, the twists, the scheming, the banter, the emotions, it was all at the top of the “TVD” game, and we can’t wait to see where this season goes if we’re already going pedal to the metal in episode 3. 

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