tvd ep 2 recap 'The Vampire Diaries' recap: Who went to the Other Side with Bonnie?

Spoiler alert! Avert your eyes if you have yet to watch “The Vampire Diaries” Season 5 episode 2, “True Lies.” All others, please proceed …

Lots of dramatic, huge events happened in Thursday night’s “The Vampire Diaries,” but they all take a backseat to one of the most emotional, craziest, mystifying scenes we’ve ever seen: that huge Bonnie/Matt scene on the Other Side.

That’s right, we went to the Other freaking Side in “True Lies,” for the first time in over four seasons of “TVD.” The Other Side has always just been this idea, this vague concept that we’ve never actually seen before, and now that we’ve been there, is it everything we hoped for?

In a word: no. It’s so much more.

It turns out, the Other Side is just reality, but those walking it are unable to communicate with the living. They just wander, watching everyone else live their lives, unable to do or affect anything. This is the fate that awaits all supernatural creatures, and that’s terrifying to think about. If that’s what dying means for a supernatural creature, we don’t blame Katherine for doing whatever is necessary to stay alive for 500 years.

So how did we get a glimpse into this depressing realm? It all comes back to the quarterback, Matt Donovan. After trying to protect Katherine from Silas, Matt got his neck snapped by the immortal. But since he was wearing his trusted Gilbert ring, it was only a temporary death. The big difference about his death tonight was we got to actually see what happens in the time between his death and his resurrection.

We already knew from Alaric’s experiences that every time you die wearing the Gilbert ring, you go to the Other Side, but tonight we saw Matt’s journey, and Bonnie was there to guide him back to his body. This also gave Bonnie the chance to finally be comforted about her death and her father’s death, since she and Matt could actually touch each other (unlike Bonnie and Jeremy, who can’t touch each other even though they really wanted to kiss). That hug. So many emotions. Major props to both Zach Roerig and Kat Graham for this scene, and for making it that much more heartbreaking when Matt left Bonnie to return to his body, knowing full well he wouldn’t remember any of their conversation, or the fact that Bonnie’s dead. 

Bonnie’s conversation with Matt was so difficult for her that she made Jeremy promise not to reveal that she died to anyone else, but Jeremy’s right: she can’t begin to properly mourn her father if she can’t even mourn herself. 

So what else went down in “True Lies?”

– Caroline may be the roommate majoring in drama, but Elena’s got the monopoly on it as both Salvatores paid the new college freshman a visit. However, her visiting ex wasn’t actually Stefan … it was Silas. Elena’s bad feeling about Stefan ended up being a really good thing when Silas mind-controlled her into killing Damon every time she got mad — which was a lot, because Silas also revealed Damon let Jeremy get expelled from high school — Damon got Elena to focus on her guilt about Stefan, and that broke the mind control. Yay for not killing her boyfriend, but now she knows Stefan’s missing. She left Whitmore with Damon to search for him, but they don’t have to look for long. Someone else found Stefan’s safe at the bottom of the lake, and let him out. But since he’s been starved for three months, he’s hungry … that’s right, the Ripper is back and on the loose in Mystic Falls.

– We still don’t know why Silas is looking for Katherine, but we do know what Nadia’s deal is … kind of. She had a gypsy/”traveler” put a spell on Matt to make him impervious to Silas’ mind control. But instead of being an adversary against Silas, Nadia went right up to him and allowed him to read her mind to see her agenda. And apparently he liked it, because he smiled/didn’t kill her right on the spot. If Silas likes her agenda, that means we certainly won’t.

– Dr. Wes Maxfield shall henceforth be referred to as Dr. Dick-field — thank you, Jesse, for that amazing nickname. Elena and Caroline, after doing some digging into their late roommate Megan’s past, found out that the medical examiner who covered up her vampire bite cause of death as a suicide was none other than Whitmore professor Dr. Dick-field … meaning he’s in on the cover-up. He also knew Elena’s father, and doesn’t seem too shocked when she called him out on covering up Megan’s death. Something’s fishy with this applied microbiology professor … 

– Since Tyler deferred coming to Whitmore, Caroline decides to defer having sex with him ever again. And though she made this quip as a joke to Elena, by the end of the episode it doesn’t seem to be so funny. Jesse and Caroline have some major bonding after Damon punches him in the face (just because he was there, because that’s what “reformed serial killers” do), and the sparks started flying. See, Tyler, this is what happens when you blow off your hot, amazing, wonderful girlfriend: she gets snatched up by an even hotter college guy! Sure, Jesse supports Caroline and Tyler’s long-distance relationship (even though his failed epically when his long-distance girlfriend cheated on him), but him being nice and supportive only makes him hotter.

– Katherine realized she’s the object everyone wants, the leverage in the Silas vs. everybody fight. She also realized that means she’s “the fricking moonstone.” Nice callback to earlier “TVD” story lines.

– Jeremy wins for the best line of the episode. As he’s about to attack Silas, he gives him this nugget of info on why Silas won’t win against him in a fight: “I’m a hunter. Plus I work out.” Yes you do, little Gilbert. Too bad Silas doesn’t care about harming his own body (he’s immortal, after all) and shish kabobs Jeremy through his own torso. Ouch, that’s got to hurt.

What did you think of Thursday’s “The Vampire Diaries?” Are you excited or terrified to see the return of Ripper Stefan next week? Does that mean he flipped his humanity switch before being let out of the safe? Hit the comments below with your thoughts and opinions.

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