tvd trio s2 'The Vampire Diaries' relationship status update: It's complicatedThere are sixty-five days until we finally get to see the Season 3 premiere of “The Vampire Diaries.” Not that we’re counting or anything.

In the meantime, our only source of happiness is dissecting every last spoiler we can sink our teeth into. The latest news leaked from set is that a new werewolf will tangle with Klaus in Tennessee. TV Line reports that “7th Heaven’s” David Gallagher, who also had a fun role in this summer’s totally awesome “Super 8,” has been cast as Ray, a werewolf who tangles with Klaus (Joseph Morgan).

Ray meets Klaus in Tennessee — perhaps on the ripper road trip? — and their encounter isn’t exactly a friendly one. We know Klaus’s ultimate goal is to build himself an army of wolf/vamp hybrids so that he can conquer both warring species, so we’re guessing that Ray, who appears in 2 episodes, will factor into that quest.

david gallagher 'The Vampire Diaries' relationship status update: It's complicatedMeanwhile, back in Mystic Falls…

According to E!, a new character named Becky is enrolling at Mystic Falls High. She’s a vampire who has a romantic history with Stefan (Paul Wesley), and she’s out to “put herself in his path, reclaim his love and eliminate her rivals.”

From that description, she sounds an awful lot like one Katherine Pierce to us, particularly given the rumor that she’ll have it out for our favorite vampire barbie, Caroline (Candice Accola). The key difference, though, is that Katherine knew Stefan as a carefree kid, while Becky and Stefan hooked up during his bloody “ripper” phase.

We don’t think Elena (Nina Dobrev) will appreciate Becky’s interference, especially considering the new responsibilities she’s taking on. Season 3 premieres on her birthday, according to TV Guide, and at 18, Elena is now in charge of her brother Jeremy. (R.I.P. Aunt Jenna!)

While Becky is meddling, executive producer Julie Plec says that Elena “will be struggling with a deep, deep attraction toward Damon” (Ian Somerhalder). It’s about time!

Of course, these morsels of information just leave us wanting more. If Becky is playing high school student, does that mean Stefan will be back in time for class to start? Will he be able to keep it together in fourth period now that he’s off the blood wagon again? So far, we haven’t seen him so much as consider another woman, but maybe the human blood in his belly will help him forget about his whole true-love-forever shtick.

If Elena and Stefan’s relationship falls apart this season – which, let’s face it, it’s bound to – will Becky be the catalyst, or will Elena be forced to admit that her attraction to Damon is getting in the way?

Now that Morgan is a series regular, how will Klaus be integrated into the day-to-day happenings in Mystic Falls? (We vote that he gets elected Mayor, by the way. There’s nothing like a villain who is also the HBIC.)

Want a few more spoilery tidbits? Here you go.

Let’s talk Season 3, vamp fans. Weigh in on your hopes and dreams in the comments below!

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie