vampire diaries rebekah 404 the five 'The Vampire Diaries' scoop: What does Rebekah give Matt?The CW has just released the official description for “The Vampire Diaries” Nov. 1 episode, titled “The Five.” While it may not actually be Halloween in Mystic Falls, the writers are serving up a Halloween-themed episode as Damon, Elena, and Bonnie head to a super-spooky frat party. As we previously revealed, Bonnie goes to visit Whitmore College, the nearby university where her Grams used to teach.

She forms a connection with Professor Shane, who has taken over her grandmother’s occult class. Meanwhile, Damon and Elena head to a frat party — keg stands, anyone? It’s a “Murder House” theme party, where guests are supposed to dress as their favorite murderer or murder victim. So uplifting. Here, Damon gives a newly vamped-out Elena a lesson on “choosing a victim.” Suffice to say, she’s fallen off the woodland creatures wagon and is enjoying some of the perks of being a vampire.

Meanwhile, Stefan talks to Klaus about their newest vampire hunter problem, Connor, and Klaus tells Stefan a story of a group of vampire hunters, which leads to flashbacks to the 1100s and the introduction of the mysterious Alexander, whose interactions with Rebekah will leave Stefan reeling.

Looks like Rebekah will also be regretting her attempt to drown Matt and Elena, because the description reveals that she tries to buy Matt’s forgiveness. Of course, the Mikaelsons have an endless supply of money and resources, so it’s no surprise that she pulls out all the stops — Zap2it can exclusively reveal that she does offer Matt a new truck. It’s the least she can do after sending his to a watery grave.

Longtime “Vampire Diaries” fans will not be surprised to learn that it’s a Ford. “I do get a new truck. It’s a brand spanking new Ford F150,” Zach Roerig tells us. “Crew cab, four wheel drive, midnight blue.”

Though Roerig is totally impressed with the gift, Matt isn’t quite so swoony. It’ll take a lot more than a truck to get him and Rebekah back on the flirty track. (But he’s totally keeping it. The kid has a job to get to.)

The episode airs Nov. 1 at 8 p.m. EST on The CW.

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