the vampire diaries 516 recap 'The Vampire Diaries' Season 5, episode 16 recap: Spring break means booze, blood, hallucinations, break up sex and another doppelgänger Before we being your regularly scheduled “The Vampire Diaries” recap, let’s all take a moment of silence for Katherine Pierce, who is no longer with us. Even with the small hints of her that we got in “While You Were Sleeping” on Thursday (March 20) — her narration of the diary entries she wrote in Elena’s journal, Elena’s hallucinations of her seducing Stefan and dancing on a bar drunk — it still wasn’t enough. Her absence was missed, and so was she.

But ding dong, the doppelganger is dead … and when one falls, another rises. That’s right: We’re getting another Stefan doppelganger! And he seems to be human, is definitely hot, and is an EMT in Atlanta, helping innocent and hurt people. Awwwww. Stefan 2.0 is going to be amazing, and probably clueless that a whole world of hurt is heading his way. But let’s back up for a bit, because a lot went down before we even learned about Stefan 2.0’s existence, let alone the fact that he’s in grave danger … from Caroline and Enzo, of all people. So what else happened in “While You Were Sleeping?”

First of all, Elena wasn’t doing so hot, thanks to Katherine’s parting gift of Wes’ super ripper virus. While it took her the whole hour to finally say it out loud, Elena’s subconsciously pissed at all her friends (as she should be) for not realizing that Elena wasn’t herself for three weeks. But before she can confront them all for a serious shaming, Stefan has Bonnie’s new pet witch Liv seal her into her dorm room while everyone else is on spring break for vampire and human safety alike.

They also put her on the “Damon diet,” a.k.a. one cup of vampire blood every few hours to keep her sane but not strong. She thinks she has things under control, but she’s actually a dangerous addict. And all that is exacerbated by the fact that she’s actually hosting Wes’ super ripper virus with a side of werewolf venom, making her hallucinate. All of Elena’s hallucinations are pretty much a fanfic writer’s dream come true: She dreams a Stelena hookup that turns into Salvatore brother showdown for Elena’s heart! Seriously, that scene just made a lot of shippers happy, even if it was fake. Pretty sure that scene launched about a thousand GIFs. Someone check Tumblr, make sure it isn’t broken.

While Elena is sealed like a prisoner in her dorm room reading through all of Katherine’s happily snarky journal entries, Damon’s in his own kind of prison: Chained up in the Salvatore mansion dungeon. Jeremy and Matt have their fun tormenting him as revenge for all the things he did while broken-hearted, and he has to take it all … except one thing. He’s adamant about being the one to tell Elena about what he did to Aaron Whitmore after Katherine broke up with him.

And at least until he confesses the thing that will probably ruin their relationship, Delena is back in full force. They sweet talk each other on the phone while in their separate prisons, and Damon even gets super passionate: “I am going to hunt you down and give you the most mind-blowing night of your life,” he says to Elena, as soon as they’re both cured and won’t rip each other’s heads off. Let’s hope she’s forgiving about Aaron, or else that night won’t ever come — much to the chagrin of Delena lovers everywhere.

While Damon and Elena are locked up on their respective diets, Caroline’s out searching for a cure for them. She finds Wes’ old lab and listens to a recording of him confessing that he added werewolf venom into the virus, meaning Elena’s virus is fatal (hence all the hallucinations). She relays that info to Stefan and Elena overhears, so at least now she knows what’s wrong with her. Caroline also runs into Enzo, and is that a romantic spark we detect between them? Like Damon told Enzo, she does have a thing for accents, after all. Okay, it’s happening: Enzo and Caroline are a new ship. Their chemistry is off the charts, people. Enzo tells Caroline where the antidote for the virus is, and she passes along the info to Stefan.

Before Stefan leaves to join Caroline to get the antidote, he tells Elena what went down with Katherine in the hotel room and it’s the most awkward convo ever. He makes it very clear to Elena that when Katherine kissed him, that’s when he realized it wasn’t Elena. The subtext is that he knows Elena isn’t in love with him anymore even if he might have hoped she would be. Stelena hearts, breaking everywhere. Oof. At least Stelena fans got the hallucination sex scene!

Stefan meets up with Caroline and Enzo, who reveals that when Wes saved him from Damon back at that random house it was only because he needed a vampire to continue his experiments. By experimenting on Enzo (poor guy, as if he hadn’t had enough experiments already), that’s how Wes discovered the antidote for his virus (but will the same antidote work on Elena’s new virus, or just Damon’s?). When Wes died (ahem, when Damon murdered him — justifiably), the big group of Travelers took the antidote, and they’re willing to give it to Stefan as long as he helps them find something using his doppelgänger-ness.

That something? The other Stefan doppelgänger that’s out in the world. Ooh, this could get very interesting. We’ve met three female doppelgängers, but only two of the males, so this could go one of many ways. The Travelers’ leader Markos knows that the last pair of doppelgängers — a.k.a. Stefan and Elena — is special, and their blood mixed together is very powerful, magically speaking. But according to the Traveler Sloan who is speaking on behalf of Markos (where is he?), their blood mixed together when there’s still another doppelgänger alive out in the world won’t do anything, so their plan is to link Stefan with the mysterious other Stefan, find him and kill him. Uh oh. Sorry Stefan 2.0.

Back at her dorm, Elena’s not so doing so well. She’s shaken out of another hallucination by Luke, who apparently was friends with Katherine since he seems very friendly with Elena. He tells her he’s back from spring break early because his boyfriend dumped him in a bar down in Cancun (brutal), so he wants to drink his feelings away with the seemingly already drunk Elena. Luke is like the best kind of college friend, helping the “drunk” Elena stand up and offering her water, concerned for her safety one moment, and then calling her a “lush” and suggesting they keep partying the next. Seriously, that’s the dream.

But Unfortunately for Luke, Elena’s not drunk. She’s just really, really hungry. She almost turns the poor guy into a vampire in blind hunger just so she can feed on him, but she shakes herself out of it just in time. That’s when she notices some bite marks on his neck and realizes Katherine must have been feeding on him, meaning he doesn’t have vervain in his system, so she compels him to go find Bonnie and Liv and tell them to come free her immediately.

tvd sloan stefan caroline 'The Vampire Diaries' Season 5, episode 16 recap: Spring break means booze, blood, hallucinations, break up sex and another doppelgängerBack at the Travelers camp, Sloan gives Enzo the antidote and he leaves to give it to Damon and Elena while Caroline stays with Stefan. She
wants to make sure that while the Travelers perform the linking spell they don’t go overboard like Tessa did with Silas, frying Stefan’s brain and memories away. Meanwhile, the rest of us are mourning what could have been an epic road trip with Caroline and Enzo, alone, giving in to their crackling chemistry. Oh well.

Looks like Luke did his job, because Bonnie and Liv arrive to talk Elena down from her werewolf venom-induced craziness. But she just gets angrier and even pulls a Klaus: She throws a fire poker clear across the room/magic seal, right through Liv! Elena tells them that she’ll only give Liv her vampire blood to heal her if they lower the seal and let her out. Damn. That’s Originals level of cold.

At the Travelers camp, Sloan’s linking spell on Stefan is working, as they both see blurry visions of Stefan 2.0 working as an EMT in Atlanta. And P.S., he looks totally hot saving people’s lives. But Sloan wants the Travelers to push harder and use the link to kill Stefan 2.0 right there and then, but that would push Stefan too hard also. Caroline threatens Sloan’s life to make sure they don’t fry Stefan’s brain again. At least they know where the other doppelgänger is now.

Bonnie and Liv succumbed to Elena’s ultimatum, since she gets out of the dorm and hallucinates Aaron on the sidewalk, convincing herself that she’s the one who killed him. Because of course Elena would jump to that conclusion and blame herself with no proof. But Damon — who threatened Matt’s life in the dungeon to let him out to find Elena (seriously, these two are perfect for each other) — finds her and tells her the truth: He’s the one who killed Aaron. Before she can respond to his confession, Enzo shows up with the antidote. Awkward timing, Enzo, but thank you nonetheless. Will it work on Elena, though?

Turns out, we’re getting a Caroline/Enzo road trip after all! Thank you, “TVD” gods. You have heard our prayers even before we knew we’d be praying them. Apparently, in order to get Sloan to stop from continuing with her spell, Caroline promised to go with Enzo to Atlanta to kill Stefan 2.0.

tvd stefan 2 'The Vampire Diaries' Season 5, episode 16 recap: Spring break means booze, blood, hallucinations, break up sex and another doppelgängerBut seriously, who wants to bet when she meets Stefan 2.0 she won’t be able to kill him? She’ll either fall in love with him, giving Steroline shippers what they kind of want while still managing to not ruin the Steroline friendship, or she’ll just be too compassionate to kill an innocent guy who looks exactly like her best friend. Let’s remember, the only time Caroline’s ever killed anyone in cold blood was the 13 witches, but that was just to save Bonnie’s life in the heat of the moment. This is a calculated, pre-meditated murder of someone who probably has no idea that he’s even tied up in any supernatural mystical line of doppelgängers.

Also, let’s all take a moment to appreciate Stefan’s jokes. It’s been so long since we heard him crack jokes or even a smile. It’s a nice sight. More of this, please.

And since this is “TVD,” we can’t end on a good note. So … twist! Turns out Luke and Liv are siblings, and they are just pretending to be clueless about all the supernatural stuff going on. They’re using Elena and Bonnie (the anchor) to put all our favorite people “in jeopardy” for … something. What are they up to? And why couldn’t we have just loved Luke? Now he’s nefarious. Moment of silence for the fun, college binge-drinking Luke we thought we just met.

Meanwhile, after taking the antidotes (guess it worked on Elena too), Elena and Damon continue their conversation about Aaron back at the Salvatore mansion. Damon tries to explain to Elena that he only did it to prove “Elena” right that he’s not worth loving, and Elena, although really upset, blames Katherine for doing this to them. That sparks Damon into yelling at Elena for once again making excuses for his bad behavior, and yadda yadda yadda, we’ve been here before. They once again get into a fight about all their issues and come to the conclusion that even though they love each other madly, they just don’t work as a couple.

Is this another Delena break up? How many more of these can Delena fans take? But oh wait! Damon and Elena’s passion overtakes them and after claiming they were over for good, they sleep together. And it. Is. Hot. So is this break up sex? Or are they back together?

Either way, “While You Were Sleeping” was a fantastic episode, and not just from a shipper point of view. Not only were we introduced to new, nefarious characters, we also are getting a new doppelgänger, a new hot ship (Caroline and Enzo! Give in to your chemistry! Do it!) and the promise of some really cool mythology down the road about doppelgängers that we’ve never heard of before. This is why everyone loves spring break.
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