tvd season 5 premiere recap 'The Vampire Diaries' Season 5 premiere: Summer's officially over

We’ve waited all summer, and we finally made it: “The Vampire Diaries: College Years.”

Okay, okay, “The Vampire Diaries” isn’t going to be changing its title, but we have to hand it to Julie Plec and co. — they really made the transition from high school to college with nary a hiccup.

That could be because while half of the drama takes place at Whitmore College, the other half still took place in Mystic Falls, and the drama actually connects the two locales (unlike a certain FOX singing dramedy that literally split its story into two cities, and two completely different story lines, cough “Glee” cough). So what have our favorite vamps, werewolves, witches, hybrids, humans, hunters, and ghosts been up to during summer vacation?

Hello, Matt Donovan, the player

While traveling Europe with Rebekah, these two lovers picked up a third in Prague, and really got the party started. Yup, we’re talking a full-on threesome. Get some, Matt Donovan!

Too bad that after Rebekah and Matt passed out from all the exercise and champagne, the mysterious Russian beauty Nadia stole Rebekah’s earrings and Matt’s Gilbert ring. Nadia traveled all the way back to Mystic Falls to give Matt the ring back, and put it on his finger oh-so-sexily, and it looked like maybe these two might rekindle their summer fling … until Nadia had a witch (we think?) grab Matt’s head, say a spell, and Matt’s eyes turned black. Then he collapsed onto the ground. 

What is Nadia planning, and is Matt going to be okay? He just had his first threesome! There’s still so much more he needs to experience! And will Rebekah ever get her earrings back? We doubt it on the last one.

Don’t call Silas a vampire

Silas didn’t try all that hard to pretend to be Stefan. He outed himself to Sheriff Forbes in the middle of the town square – while also showing off some seriously scary mind control – and gave us an interesting insight into who he is. Silas is 2000 years old, immortal, and needs blood to survive, but he is not a vampire. They came after him (hello, Originals) and he believes they are a disgusted perverted version of him.

As for what he’s planning, he cares a great deal about finding the humanized Katherine. First, he tried to strangle her in the Salvatore bathtub, then when she escaped he compelled the entire town of Mystic Falls to bring “the girl that looks like Elena Gilbert” straight to him. What does he want with her? Since she consumed the cure, could he possibly use her to be cured himself?

Jeremy’s troubles in school

After apologizing profusely to Mystic Falls High School and weaving some BS story about being on drugs and grieving for all his lost loved ones by burning down his house and faking his own death, Jeremy was officially re-enrolled in school and back from the dead.

Though Jer came back from the dead he didn’t lose his hunter fighting skills. Pro tip to all high school bullies: picking on someone with the muscle mass of a pro wrestler? Not exactly a smart move. He gets into a fight with some students — and kicks some serious a** — and though he’s first expelled, Damon compelled the principal into making it a three-day suspension. Big brother Damon to the rescue! 

Side note: we would totally watch a spinoff series about Damon and Jeremy’s amazingly hilarious brother relationship. That moment they shared after Elena left for college? Funniest. Ever.

Stefan’s humanity switch … not again!

No one but Silas knows about Stefan’s watery prison at the bottom of the lake, and that means he has been drowning, dying, and coming back to life over and over and over again for the past three months. Holy crap. Poor Stefan.

Though Stefan has been in sheer agony for every second of it, he refuses to flip his humanity switch to turn off the misery — after how long it took him to flip it back last season, and how much he lost because of it, we don’t blame him for toughing the pain out with the misery. He’s been hallucinating conversations with Damon to try to take his mind off of his situation, and when it almost gets to be too much, and he is just about to flip the switch, he hallucinates Elena.

This was the Stelena scene we were talking about. The love is still obviously there for Stefan, and Elena is the only thing that convinces him to keep his humanity. He holds on longer for her … but how much longer will he be able to hold on for?

Damon finally realizes Stefan’s missing

Finally, after three months, Damon gets his first sighting of Stefan – or who he thinks is Stefan. Jeremy can tell via his Hunter senses that Stefan is actually Silas, and the boys realize the big bad immortal wants Katherine, who just set up shop at the Salvatore mansion for protection (human is not working out so well for Katherine).

Silas offers Damon a deal: if they give him Katherine, he’ll tell Damon where Stefan is. And just like that, Damon realizes his brother hasn’t been out of town enjoying life all summer … he’s been suffering while Damon and Elena have been enjoying each other (seriously, that opening scene of Delena? Hot). Cue the massive guilt trip in 3, 2, 1…

(Not exactly) functioning vampires at college

Caroline and Elena have high hopes for life at Whitmore College … that is, until they find out they won’t be sharing a triple dorm room (hah, the size of this thing!) with their BFF Bonnie. Nope, since Bonnie’s still dead, they have to share their room with fellow freshman Megan.

Instead of giving it the old college try, Caroline freaks out and tries to drive her away. She gets all Season 1 Caroline on her, and drinks some of Megan’s water from the fridge … only to choke and realize it’s laced with vervain. Does Megan know their secret?

It doesn’t matter for long, since an unknown vampire kills Megan at a frat party later that night — a frat party Elena and Caroline couldn’t get into because they couldn’t cross the threshold. The mystery deepens when someone tries to cover up the death by forging a suicide note from Megan, and Elena finds a photo of Megan with Elena’s late dad on Megan’s cell phone.

Adding to Caroline’s stress and unhappiness? Not only is Bonnie not showing up or answering the phone, Tyler — who was supposed to show up at Whitmore in time for class — leaves Caroline a voicemail apologizing and telling her he’s staying with a werewolf pack in the Appalachian Mountains to help them out. Caroline cries herself to sleep, and we can only assume the door has been cracked just a bit for new student Jesse to charm Caroline.

Poor, dead Bonnie

Not only is she still dead — with no one but Jeremy knowing the sacrifice she made for everyone! — she had to watch her father get brutally murdered by Silas while the whole town watched and did nothing. Sure, they couldn’t do anything seeing as how Silas compelled them all to not move a muscle or scream, but this scene gives a new meaning to the world “helpless.” 

And there you have it, folks: Silas is searching for Katherine who’s on the run, Stefan’s in complete misery underwater, Bonnie’s still dead and now an orphan, Caroline and Elena are in the middle of a “Veronica Mars” style mystery at college, and Matt Donovan is … well, we’re not exactly sure. 

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