tvd originals 'The Vampire Diaries': Season three will be the 'year of the originals'In last week’s “Vampire Diaries” episode, we discovered that Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Elijah (Daniel Gillies) are actually brothers. Given history’s tendency to repeat itself, it wasn’t the biggest shock, but it certainly added a new layer to their already twisted relationship. Things got even more interesting when we discovered that Klaus and Elijah were two of seven siblings born in the Original vampire family.

At a press Q&A on Wednesday, executive producer Julie Plec teased that Season 3 would be “the year of the originals.” As of right now, though, no decisions have been made as to whether or not Gillies or Morgan will be brought back as series regulars. “That is a decision that gets made when we break story for Season 3, which happens after I get back from Mexico,” Plec laughs.

We’re hoping that means both these gentlemen survive through the end of Season 2. Given how difficult it is to kill an Original, that seems likely — which was a calculated move on the part of the writers.

“We didn’t have the true mythology of how to kill an original worked out and then we introduced Elijah and freakin’ Dan Gillies walks in that door in the big old haunted house in the suit and he has the accent and everything about him is so great, and we were like ‘Well! We can’t make him easy to kill,'” Plec says. “We don’t want our characters to look stupid for not being able to get rid of him, so we just made it harder and harder until we reached the point where we were like, ‘Screw it, Originals are immortal!’ It’s honestly because of Dan and the work that he did.”

Upon joining the cast, Morgan says he immediately felt at home, and though he doesn’t specifically mention Season 3, he certainly sounds like he’d be up for a longer stay in Mystic Falls.

“[Daniel and I] have talked to each other a lot about how fun our job is,” he says. “Joining a cast like this you do wonder about coming in and being a character who’s at the top of the food chain and how everyone will react to that, but everyone was very accommodating. It’s just a lot of fun. When I got to Atlanta I came and watched some of the ’60s dance, and I just stood at the side and watched it all. One thing that struck me was just how much fun everyone seemed to be having. You could see Ian and Nina talking to the camera guy and everyone high-fiving after the shots, and it was like ‘Okay, this is going to be fun.'”

In Thursday’s episode, “The Last Day,” Klaus will finally meet Damon, playing a delicate game of manipulation and intimidation. We’ll also find out Elijah’s plan to save Elena during the sacrifice ritual — a plan which Damon finds decidedly shaky.

We won’t see Klaus and Elijah interact in present day in this episode, but when the brothers do meet again, things are sure to be intense. “It was interesting to play in the 1400s, obviously, [and] there’s a different hierarchy going on when we meet again in the modern day. There will be a very different dynamic between the two I think.”

The decision to make Klaus and Elijah brothers was an easy one, Plec says. “The show, at its core, is about family,” Plec says. “It’s about the love of family.”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie