tvd caroline klaus 'The Vampire Diaries' shocker: Joseph Morgan talks Caroline and KlausCan we get a quick OMG?

In one of our favorite “Vampire Diaries” moments ever, Klaus and Caroline made an intense connection in tonight’s episode after Tyler bit her and she needed Klaus’s blood to survive. (Uh, the diamond birthday gift didn’t hurt, either.)

We’ve tossed around the idea of Caroline and Klaus as a couple before, and now it seems more legitimate than ever. We spoke with Joseph Morgan tonight at the Television Critics Association Press Tour party to get some scoop on the budding relationship.

Morgan admits that while Klaus may be interested in Caroline, part of his decision to save her was about winning the affection of people like the Sheriff and Matt. “I think it was a little of both,” he says. “There is definitely an honesty there. I’ve played from the beginning that Klaus is lonely and craves companionship. That’s what the whole of Episode 3 was about, with him and Stefan.”

In terms of his relationship with Caroline, there’s an appeal to Klaus about being a sort of role model. “There’s a sort of appeal in the idea of being a mentor, after being alive a thousand years,” he says. “He wants to let her know the great things about being a vampire. There’s all this art and music and culture that you can expose yourself to, and be a part of. It’s not all just killing.”

Of course, Klaus always has his agenda in the background. “I think there’s always an element where he feels like, ‘What’s this going to get me?’ He operates on that level. But still, I’d like to think that a lot of his relationship with Caroline comes from a genuine place.”

That said, of course Caroline puts a lot of value in her friendships, and the idea of a relationship with someone who killed her best friend’s aunt is a bit of a stretch.

“She struggles with the idea of being a vampire. Her relationship with her father is a very difficult one, which runs parallel to Klaus’s relationship with his father. There could be a connection there. There is potential, but ultimately, it’ll be up to her. She’ll have to accept him for who he is, because he’s not the kind of guy you can just change. It’d take a lot of work. The final decision will be up to her, but Klaus is craving that sort of companionship, and she’s absolutely the front runner for him.”

What do you think about Klaus/Caroline? Forwood fans… we know this is a tough week for you, but would you be willing to entertain the idea of Klaus as a love interest? Weigh in below!

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie