the vampire diaries olga fonda 'The Vampire Diaries' spoilers: Olga Fonda teases what comes next for Katherine and her long lost daughter Nadia

After last week’s mother of a reveal that the mysterious Nadia was actually Katherine’s long-lost biological daughter on “The Vampire Diaries,” conspiracy theories, rants, and raves about the huge twist exploded on the internet.

Instead of theorizing and letting our imaginations run wild, Zap2it went straight to the prodigal daughter herself — Olga Fonda — to get some answers, and here is all the juicy scoop we could pry out of her in advance of Thursday (Nov. 7) night’s all-new episode, “Handle With Care.”

Zap2it: When you joined the cast of “TVD,” did you know your part was going to be this huge, integral role in the mythology?

Olga Fonda: I did not know. I was not aware of it. I had a few clues here and there. I knew that was Nadia was there for her own agenda that had to do with Katherine but I did not think that there would be a mother/daughter relationship. When I saw that I was completely and incredibly surprised, like, ‘Wow, what a great twist!’ I did not expect it at all. I was excited for the experience because it sounded like a great story.

It’s kind of crazy how we didn’t all see this coming, since you and Nina Dobrev look so much alike.

I heard that people said that we looked alike. It was actually funny because for the past few weeks when we were shooting, there were a few moments where people were coming up to me from behind and saying, ‘Nina?’ I would have to say, ‘No, it’s not her!’ So we kind of had a joke about how people say we look alike and having this mistaken identity.

So when you learned that Nadia was actually Katherine’s long-lost daughter, what did you think about the twist?

It was great. I was really excited about it because for my character, it’s such an interesting journey to go on. Knowing that Nadia has been searching for Katherine all this time and having all her questions be answered, and having her dream of finding her mother be fulfilled was really powerful. And also, I believe that a lot of kids nowadays can relate to this as well, where they’re growing up without their birth parents and might have so many questions and answers that they’re looking for.

That scene in the hotel room when Nadia finally tells Katherine the truth, and both of the formidable women put all their cards on the table, was so powerful. What was it like filming that scene?

It was such a great scene. I remember it was pouring rain and we could hear the rain hitting the rooftop of the building that we were shooting in. It was just so real and we put so much into the scene that we really got lost in the scene and found what made each character raw in that scene. We really felt each other’s emotions and we really understood where our characters are coming from and where we’re going. When we finished the scene, I believe there were a few people crying. It was a wonderful scene and Nina and I hugged eached each other because we really felt what we just went through. It was very raw and filled with true emotion.

How will the truth being out in the open affect Nadia and Katherine’s relationship going forward?

Well now that they opened up, the journey of their relationship is going to have its own road in a way. Knowing that Nadia’s spent so many years searching for Katherine and she wants answers to all her questions, it will be interesting to see where that journey is going to take both of them.

So have Nadia’s goals changed at all now that she’s found her mother?

The way I look at it is Nadia’s been searching for Katherine and Katherine doesn’t have the best reputation around town. Nadia was looking for her mom to be the opposite and you can see from the entirety of the reveal when Nadia’s testing Katherine, trying to figure out who she is and if all the rumors are true or if she’s actually a different person. Nadia herself was wondering and imagining if she was capable of being a mother or her mother. Now that Katherine was very genuine with her and open, it gives Nadia the opportunity to see the real Katherine and it gives her hope that she can get to know her mother and to prove to herself that Katherine is a different person than what she’s heard about.

“The Vampire Diaries” loves showing flashbacks, so is there any chance we’ll get to see Nadia’s life and history in flashbacks?

I don’t know. But with every episode, we do get to know Nadia more and more. We’ll get to see her interacting with Katherine, we’ll get to see her interacting with other people. I would definitely love to see more of Nadia’s history and be able to share it with out viewers, and to discover who Nadia is and to give her life, and passions, and interests.

Does Gregor know Nadia’s connection with Katherine?

I don’t believe that Gregor knows that Nadia is Katherine’s daughter or that Nadia necessarily shares that information with anyone. I think that this is a very personal thing for her. This is her life and her agenda and I think that Nadia is a very private person and would not be sharing all her personal information.

Speaking of Gregor, a lot of fans have been wondering about that mysterious dagger he tasked Matt with keeping hidden. Now that we know that Silas needs to destroy the “anchor” of the curse keeping the Other Side in existence, are we going to find out that the dagger is in fact that anchor?

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. That’s a good question, right?

All right, we won’t push that one. Back to Silas, then. Even though he got what he wanted and drank the cure, is he going to come after Nadia in revenge for keeping Katherine from him?

He possibly might. Nadia definitely did not make him happy. I would assume that he might would want to come back for her. But he might not even care if he gets what he wants and likes. If he does get what he wants, he might not care about Nadia at all.

What are you most excited for fans to see from this huge reveal?

There’s so much to see from this character and this new relationship on the show. Katherine and Nadia will be very interesting to see how they are together because they are very different but kind of similar characters. They’re very powerful. And as for mother and daughter, well the apple does not fall very far from the tree. We’ll definitely see them on a journey trying to find out who they are. But they’re probably going to butt heads here and there on this journey of getting to know each other. After all these years of being apart, they’re finally together so do they want to stay together? We’ll see where that relationship goes. It will be very exciting.

What can you tell us about Thursday (Nov. 7) night’s episode, “Handle With Care?”

In the next episode, Nadia is coming to Caroline’s dorm room to find Katherine to talk about their future. It will be the first time that Nadia shows up at the dorm room and the first time she sees Caroline and it’s going to be a very powerful scene. Where will Katherine and Nadia go from there?

So can we assume Caroline will be the first to find out Nadia and Katherine’s connection?

She might find out and she might not. I think you know that secrets don’t stay secret too long on this show.

“The Vampire Diaries” airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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