tvd 416 candice accola 'The Vampire Diaries' star Candice Accola dishes on Klaus, Tyler, and senior yearSince some of her co-stars are busy filming “The Originals” pilot in New Orleans, “The Vampire Diaries” star Candice Accola had a little time to swing by the Zap2it offices and talk all things Caroline!

In tonight’s new episode, we’ll see Caroline and a newly humanity-free Elena get into a bit of a brawl. It’s safe to say that Caroline is not pleased that Elena turned off her humanity.

“For choking on her foot as much as she does, and being neurotic and being crazy and just insecure, she’s really found herself, and she’s always got such a lovely parallel for what it means to be human,” Candice says. “When you do get your life completely together and you think you have everything figured out, that’s when you start to lose it again. We all know that she likes to fix things and she likes to fix people … it’s senior year, and it’s graduation, and all she wants is for everyone to be happy and have the best year ever, and it’s not going that well. She’s definitely in fix-it mode.”

Recently, Joseph Morgan spilled the beans that Klaus does have a sex scene coming up after a couple seasons of celibacy — though he wouldn’t give us the scoop on the lucky lady. Of course, we had to ask Candice if there’s any chance that fighting with her BFF could send Caroline searching for comfort in the arms of Mystic Falls’ most notorious villain.

“It’s such a funny dynamic between those two characters,” she teases. “Tomorrow night’s episode is really a lot more… we’re going to see, in Caroline at least, a lot more of what we know of her separate from her vampirism. When she falls back into those moments.”

Hmm… like back when she was a human, and she tended to hook up with the town bad boy to assuage her own insecurities? Perhaps!

That said, Caroline’s still pretty upset about Tyler getting run out of town (and, for some unknown reason, not answering her phone calls) — but don’t expect to see her crying into a carton of Ben & Jerry’s any time soon.

“What Caroline was at the beginning of the series was, if she wasn’t okay, she made it known that she wasn’t okay,” Candice says. “It was ‘I’m not okay! This is what’s wrong, and this is what’s wrong!’ and we don’t see that a lot anymore. She keeps it together a lot, and she likes being strong, and she likes that feeling. Even when Klaus was asking her if she would take the cure and he was like ‘No, I think you like… who you are now.’ It’s true … As of right now, I don’t think she likes when other people think she’s not okay.”

Check out our video interview below for much more from Candice, including her hopes for Caroline post-graduation and her thoughts on “The Originals.” Tune in to a brand new episode of “The Vampire Diaries” tonight at 8 p.m. EST on The CW.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie