ian somerhalder tvd 413 rope 'The Vampire Diaries' star Ian Somerhalder envisions a future for Damon and Elena: Parties, an art gallery, and a tropical beach... or notOn “The Vampire Diaries,” any moment of absolute joy is sure to be followed by some very, very, very bad times, usually involving murder.

On last week’s episode, Damon was pretty psyched that Elena confessed her love for him. He was decidedly less psyched that his brother had tossed him into a locked cellar and bled him dry, so that he couldn’t escape and murder Jeremy. Don’t you just hate when that happens?

In Thursday’s “A View To Kill,” Damon’s struggles continue when Stefan asks Klaus to keep an eye on him — and judging from some bloody new pics from upcoming episodes, things aren’t going to get easier any time soon. We hopped on the phone with Ian Somerhalder to get all the scoop on what’s next for Damon, whether he and Stefan will ever make up, and more.

So Damon finally got his girl, and there’s this sire bond mucking it all up for him! What was your reaction when you read the script that revealed the sire bond? Were you bummed?

I think it’s a classic case of karma. I think Damon did something kind of gnarly in his past life, you know. This kid was born in Mystic Falls, and in 1864 he was just a 22-year-old dude. He would’ve lived his whole life — maybe to 65, they didn’t live that long back then — and croaked. But this poor sucker, he just got an infinite lifetime of bad luck. It enriches him. It makes him rich as a man, because there’s a lot of s*** that happens to this guy.

That phone call when she finally told him she loved him made me so happy, though. At least he got one moment of joy out of it!

I think that moment is so sweet that it almost makes up for the fact that he just gets screwed over right after. It was very, very sweet.

Stefan and Damon are really at odds right now, and I don’t like it! Is there any chance that they can move on and repair their relationship while Damon is with Elena?

Then it wouldn’t be fun to watch! We do see some stuff with them where they’re just kind of brothers. I personally think it’s cool; I do like seeing them not at each others’ throats and being a unit with one another. I dig that. I think it’s cool to see. But it has the benefit of being great drama when the boys are at each others’ throats. It’s for pretty serious reasons, you know. They’re in love with the same girl.

Does Damon want the cure for himself? Or does he only want it to, potentially, cure Elena of the sire bond?

He doesn’t want it! You know this! The last f***ing thing that Damon wants to do is take this cure. There is no point. Why would anybody want that? No way, man. Why would he ever want to be a normal human being? To him, that’s just like ‘Who would want that?’

You guys are headed to an island, soon, to find the cure. I’m sure you loved all the outdoor filming in the middle of winter.

Basically, I missed “Lost,” and I asked to relive my glory on “Lost” and do a “Lost” episode. I’m just joking! We were actually lucky, it was a bit of a warm spell in Atlanta, so it wasn’t too brutal.

Is there any time for Damon and Elena to get some romance in, or are they just constantly trying not to die? How does their relationship evolve on the island?

The island is a representation of a lot of interesting stuff … Living only for Elena’s well-being, security, happiness, and all of that stuff, is starting to become very difficult and dangerous for Damon. He’s starting to see that it’s really not a good thing for her to take the cure.

tvd damon elena dance.407 'The Vampire Diaries' star Ian Somerhalder envisions a future for Damon and Elena: Parties, an art gallery, and a tropical beach... or notDoes she still want to take it?

She wants it. But do I want it? Hell no. We can live happily frickin’ ever after. I’ve got a big house, we can party, and travel, and whatever, man. Damon and Elena could like, go buy a building in New York with an art gallery in it, and then go live on an island in the Caribbean. They could have a pretty badass life. He’s thinking the cure is bulls***. There’s no reason for it. The big difference between Damon and Stefan right now, is that Stefan thinks Elena needs to have it. If she gets it, then Stefan can take it, and he’ll live happily ever after with her. The last frickin’ thing that Damon wants is this cure, and he’d be the first one to tell you that.

Why hasn’t Damon murdered Shady Shane yet? He keeps letting him live.

You know why? Because he’s such an amazing, convincing character. I love David Alpay. He’s brought so much life to Shane, man. Not only is he handsome as hell, but he just brings it, he brings it every time. This guy intrigues Damon. He makes Damon sick, I want to just rip his head off, but there’s just too many things preventing him from doing that.

Is there anything good coming for Damon and Elena? They released all these photos of you looking all bloody and bruised, so I’m just guessing there are more bad days coming.

I get my ass kicked, basically. When I first signed up for this character, I thought I’d be working two days a week. Damon’s like dessert. He’s one of the best parts of the meal,  but you can’t have him all the time! So here I am, thinking, four years ago, I’d just do a couple days a week in Vancouver, go back and forth to Los Angeles, and then I realized that it’s five days a week of getting my ass kicked left and right! But, I’m surrounded with great people, and every once in a while I get to make out with Nina Dobrev on screen, and it could be worse.

How do you feel about the spin-off news? Would you be bummed to see Joseph Morgan go do another show?

I think it’s frickin’ amazing! They’re my friends, everyone involved. What I’m thinking is that they use some of their time and efforts and resources on “The Originals” backdoor pilot, and maybe, we’ll get some time off!

I can’t believe they’re doing a New Orleans spin-off and you’re not in it.

Right? It’s unbelievable. I didn’t even get invited to go down and tech scout or something. I should be a producer for the New Orleans stuff. I’m going to get on that.

I think you’re busy enough. Speaking of which, do you have any updates on the ISF Sanctuary?

It’s all happening! The first agreement is physically being drawn up … fans have been so insanely supportive. We won the Mozilla Firefox Challenge [on Crowdrise, with a total of $120,000], which was incredible. That’s huge … so, what we’re doing is, is we’re putting together the sanctuary. It’s coming together. We’ve got it all under control. It’s going to be awesome.

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