sara canning hannahs law hallmark 'The Vampire Diaries' star Sara Canning lays down 'Hannah's Law': What did you think of the wild west answer to 'Revenge'?“Vampire Diaries” fans are used to seeing Sara Canning play the clueless but lovably snarky Jenna Sommers, one of the last to know about the town’s vampire problem. In Saturday’s Hallmark Movie Channel original, “Hannah’s Law,” we’ll see a whole new side to Canning as the titular Hannah Beaumont, a bounty hunter on a quest for vengeance in the Old West.

As a young girl growing up in Texas, Hannah watches from a hiding place as outlaws led by Frank McMurphy (John Pyper-Ferguson) slaughter her family to steal their horses. She’s sent to an orphanage, and later meets Danny Glover‘s Isom Dart, who mentors her in the art of bounty hunting.

Isom Dart, of course, is a famous frontier gunfighter. He isn’t the only real historical figure who appears in “Hannah’s Law.” We’ll see her torn between two potential suitors — Wyatt Earp (Greyston Holt), and John Henry “Doc” Holliday (Ryan Kennedy), both real people who are remembered for their strong bond and their involvement with the legendary O.K. Corrall gunfight. Hannah’s best friend is Stagecoach Mary (Kimberly Elise).

You don’t have to be an Old West buff to love the movie, though the “Easter Egg”-type moments certainly won’t go unappreciated. Fans of ABC’s “Revenge” will see noted similarities in the story — a child who suffers unspeakable loss and, as an adult, vows to enforce her own justice. It’s a deliciously soapy construct that’s well-executed here as Hannah picks off McMurphy’s men, gaining on him until he has no choice but to chase her down in turn.

What’s particularly interesting about this movie isn’t the high-noon showdown, but the ending, which opens a door to a potential sequel… or, if we may make a suggestion, a potential television series spin-off.

Tune in to “Hannah’s Law” at 8 p.m. EST and then check back in here to let us know what you thought in the comments section. Did Canning play a believable cowgirl? Would you come back for more?

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie