kat graham michael trevino 'The Vampire Diaries' stars Kat Graham and Michael Trevino get their Teen Choice thank you onThe Teen Choice Awards are always a ton of fun, but as you can tell from the extensive list of winners, there are far more awards given out than can possibly fit into one television special.

 “The Vampire Diaries” stars collected a whole lot of surfboards at Sunday night’s celebration — including Choice TV Show: Fantasy/Sci Fi — and when it came time to take to the stage, Ian Somerhalder, who also won Choice Male Actor: Fantasy/Sci-Fi, was the cast’s spokesperson.

“Here’s the problem, guys. First and foremost, we can not thank you enough,” he told the fans. “We love you like the day is long. Secondly, there are no waves in Atlanta where we shoot. But at some point, we have a big lake, and we will create a wavemaker. Guys, thank you so much. This is for you guys!”

Somerhalder’s co-star Nina Dobrev won Choice Female Actor: Fantasy/Sci Fi, and Katerina Graham and Michael Trevino took home surfboards as Choice Female Scene-Stealer and Choice Male Scene-Stealer. Though there wasn’t time for Graham and Trevino to speak much during the show, they made sure to thank their fans in a twitter video later that night.

“I wanted to say personally, thank you so much everybody that voted for me,” Trevino says. “It’s nice to be nominated as a show, but to be nominated individually is really nice. I’m glad that everybody voted. It was so nice to be there for my first Teen Choice Awards, and to be able to leave that awards show with a surfboard is really really cool.”

Graham had prepared a speech just in case she did win, but a twitter video from the garage at the SoHo House is even more personal. “First I want to thank my team, and then after that I want to thank our amazing writers because we have these incredible writers that literally sit for hours and hours and days and come up with all the amazing stories that you guys watch on your screens… and we have a crew that busts their butts from morning til night that are amazing, that work hard in Atlanta, that really are just as much deserving of this award as we are, and of course the fans,” she says. “This award that we got is really yours. I dedicate it to you, because all the clicking and all the voting and all that stuff, I mean it must have been millions of people that voted.”

“The twitter nation is pretty strong. The twitter family is strong,” Trevino adds. “We can promise you one thing, I speak for both of us. If we go to the Teen Choice Awards next year, we are both taking over that microphone. I promise you that.”

Watch out, Somerhalder!

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie