vampire diaries 319 delena 'The Vampire Diaries': Stefan tells Elena to explore her feelings for DamonThis clip from this week’s new “Vampire Diaries” episode sort of breaks our hearts! There’s got to be somewhere more comfortable than a dank cellar for Alaric to hide from himself, but he seems to be punishing his alter-ego with the worst living conditions ever.

Elena stops by the self-imposed prison to drop off some provisions… and to let Alaric know that she and Damon are taking off on a trip across the country together. The hesitation in her voice makes it clear that she’s looking for Alaric’s opinion on the matter, though she doubts he’ll approve.

“I guess I’m more curious to hear what Stefan has to say about it,” Alaric says.

And that’s where Elena drops a surprise — Stefan is the one who urged her to go on the trip. Paul Wesley told us last month that Stefan would encourage Elena to explore her feelings for Damon.

“Stefan, for his part, thinks that if Elena needs to explore the
Damon side of things, she should be allowed to do that, and if she
decides that Damon is indeed the guy she wants to be with, then I think
Stefan would at that point be okay with losing her, because it means she
wasn’t the right girl for him anyway,” Paul said. “I mean, otherwise,
it’d be pretty pathetic. I don’t want him to be pathetic. He’s cooler
than that, right?”

Well, Elena had to emerge from her cloud of denial sometime. “He thinks that I have some unresolved feelings for Damon,” she tells Alaric in the clip. “I guess that’s why I’m going on this trip. So I can figure it out.”

Dot. Dot. Dot.

Tune in Thursday, April 19 at 8 p.m. EST to see how it all plays out.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie