steven r mcqueen arms 'The Vampire Diaries': Steven R. McQueen and his arms to return in Season 4Good news, “Vampire Diaries” fans! We’ve made a few suggestions as to where we’d like to see Steven R. McQueen pop up next, given his untimely “TVD” death, and now we know where we’ll be seeing him: Back on “TVD.”

Our favorite pesky little brother turned ridiculously attractive vampire hunter hasn’t seen the last of Mystic Falls. TVLine confirms that McQueen will be making another appearance before the end of the season… but, as with all good things on “The Vampire Diaries,” this piece of news comes with a catch.

Nobody’s promising that McQueen will be playing Jeremy.

There are a lot of options for how this could play out. First of all, we could be seeing Jeremy in a flashback episode, the way we saw Aunt Jenna last year — though it would be tough to explain, given how buff he is now. (Are we objectifying? Sorry, not sorry.)

We’ve also seen Silas take the shape of a few characters thus far this season, including the dearly departed Creepy Professor Shane and, in a moment of Klaus’s weakness, even Caroline. We definitely wouldn’t put it past Silas to wear Jeremy’s face if it could help him procure the cure that he’s been after.

And then there’s the third option: What if Silas is successful in taking down the veil, and Jeremy, Alaric, Jenna, and all the other fallen creatures return from the dead? (Fingers crossed for Uncle Mason!!!) As terrifying as that might ultimately be, it would sure be nice to see everyone again… even if it’s not for very long.

But will “seeing” her little brother again destroy Elena, or help her regain her humanity? As fun as reckless, careless, and thoughtless humanity-free Elena is, we’re already missing the girl she was before. Also, that pink hair has got to go.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie