tvd handle with care recap 'The Vampire Diaries': The original doppelgänger returns to ruin everything in 'Handle With Care'

So full disclosure, “The Vampire Diaries” fans … this week’s recap won’t be as detailed or in depth as it usually is.

This isn’t because of laziness, or a remark on the episode — “Handle With Care” actually packed a lot of wallops into one hour — but actually a sign of really good things to come. You see, we’re reporting to you live from Atlanta, Georgia, where we’ve been on the set of “The Vampire Diaries” for over 12 hours now. We’ve interviewed the stars, walked the sets, and collected all sort of juicy spoilers just for you. We even know some high level, top secret intel about the 100th episode … but that is being kept under lock and key until we get a little closer to the air date.

We can reveal one huge spoiler that was teased for about 10 seconds during a commercial break during Thursday (Nov. 7) night’s episode of “The Vampire Diaries” … Tyler’s big crossover episode on “The Originals” is airing this Tuesday (Nov. 12)! Yeah, we bet you didn’t think it was happening so soon, did you? In fact, if you DVR’ed “TVD” or blinked during “The Originals” promo that aired in the middle of the hour, you probably missed the big reveal. Don’t worry: we’ve got you covered. Check out all this scoop Michael Trevino revealed to us about Tuesday’s big episode.

Now, back to the recap. 

As we’ve explained, our tireless efforts and hard work to get you all the scoop we possibly can has left us a little … well, tired. So the recap for “Handle With Care” will just cover the essentials. Believe us, a shorter recap this week is worth it for all the goodies we can’t wait to share with you.

So what happened after Katherine mysteriously didn’t die after Silas drained her blood? She went out to celebrate at a diner, but her personal party of one was cut short when she noticed a grey streak in her hair. No, this isn’t some new fashion fad … Katherine’s aging, and fast.

Since Katherine’s a survivor, she quickly figured out her next move: find a new home and dye that nasty grey streak. So she made a quick road trip over to Whitmore College to take Elena’s spot in her dorm room. The only reason Caroline allowed this was so that Katherine — the villain to end all villains — would help her get to the bottom of the Dr. Dickfield mystery.

Caroline and Katherine drained Dickfield of his vervained blood, compelled the truth out of him (Megan was killed by some mysterious “Augustine vampire”), and after Caroline left, Katherine told Dickfield he needed to help save Katherine’s life. The combination of her grey streak and later losing a tooth, Katherine realized she was dying, and after she discovered Dickfield’s vampire experiments notes (but where was Jesse?), she knew he was the right man for the job.

Oh yeah, and the entire time, Dickfield thought Kat was Elena, because she was pretending to be her doppelganger to fool the secret society on campus that she was human. She also flirted with Aaron, so that’s probably not a good sign.

While the Whitmore drama was going down, Silas was planning for his big death … now that he was human, all he had to do was destroy the anchor that was holding the Other Side intact and then he could die and reunite with Amara. Silas promised Damon and Jeremy that if they helped him find and destroy the anchor, he would bring Bonnie back before destroying the Other Side and dying. He also trapped Tessa and Stefan in a cabin so they couldn’t stop him … and Tessa, super pissed off, lured Elena into the cabin with them.

While trapped in the cabin, Tessa revealed to Stefan that the travelers don’t want Silas to succeed in destroying the Other Side for a very important reason, but she won’t say what it is yet. She is also confident Silas won’t be able to destroy the anchor, because it’s not a thing. It’s a person. Namely, Silas’ one true love Amara.

Yeah, this whole time, Tessa’s been lying. She never killed Amara, she only trapped her in stone for 2,000 years. Silas found her body, fed her blood, and woke her up. She had apparently gone crazy in her captivity, because the first thing she did was stab Silas in the neck, drink his blood, and cure herself. Whoa, what?!?

So Amara is alive, cured, human, crazy, and the anchor keeping the Other Side intact (and Bonnie’s only chance at coming back before the Other Side gets destroyed). So Damon ties her up and kidnaps her to protect her … because if she dies, so does the Other Side. 

We don’t know what happened to Silas … maybe he’s dead? Maybe he magically survived his draining like Kat? And Tessa is super pissed because Stefan wouldn’t let her hurt Elena as blackmail against Damon to kill Silas earlier, so she gave Stefan all his memories back as a punishment.

Whoa. Like we said, a lot happened in “Handle With Care.” So much so, in fact, that a lot of stories were put on pause this week, like Nadia being Katherine’s daughter, or Matt’s traveler buddy Gregor inside his head. 

What did you think of the episode?

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