paulwesley iansomerhalder thevampirediaries 290 'The Vampire Diaries': The undead don't always riseI would say the death toll rose yet again on “The Vampire Diaries,” but in truth, it would be more accurate to say the undead toll fell.

Vicky is on the loose and the person she decides to seek help from first is Tyler. And by help, I mean she sobs to him that she’s hungry and then lunges for his jugular. Stefan stops her and Damon nearly kills Tyler, but glamours him into forgetting the incident instead. Jeremy decides to skip school to organize a search party for Vicky, but by that afternoon she’s called Matt to tell him that she’s all right and he doesn’t need to worry.

Surprisingly, it’s Damon who is worried, because the local news doesn’t mention anything about Logan being dead. Additionally, he and Stefan know what the watch is and so they know there are those who are looking for them. So, he decides to try and find them first. He overhears Tyler’s parents talking about Logan and the missing watch, which is more than enough to catch his interest.

Meanwhile, Elena comes by the Salvatore house to see what’s going on with Vicky and Stefan promises he’s trying to help her. Vicky just complains about how she wants more blood. The moment Stefan leaves them alone, she tells Elena exactly what she thinks of her and that she’ll rip her head off if she thinks she will stand between her and Jeremy.

Bonnie talks to her grandmother about their witchy ancestors. She wants to get down to the business of spellcasting but she’s told the craft is serious. And she’s going to be late for school. In the halls, Bonnie gets her Halloween costume from Caroline, and it includes the crystal she took from Damon. Also going to the Halloween party are Tyler’s parents. But first his mom throws a couple martinis back and Damon decides to try and glamour some answers from her. The vervain bracelet she’s wearing stops him in his tracks. And so does the news that his own “Uncle Zach” was the supplier. Not only for her, but for “the council,” whoever they are.

Damon gets back to the house and decides it’s time to teach Vicky some of the perks to being a vampire. The first one he decides to teach her is their ability to move with superhuman speed. Of course, she uses that knowledge to run away. She goes back home and finds out she can’t actually walk inside. At least, not until her brother asks her to come in. Stefan isn’t too far behind, but when he arrives Vicky tells Matt not to let him in.

At the party, Nurse Elena runs into Dr. Matt and finds out Vicky is there. Damon is also there and he catches sight of the necklace being worn by Bonnie. But when he tries to take it back, he gets burned for the effort. She runs off to find Jeremy to keep him away from the dangerous Vicky, but he’s already been found. She tells him that she’s leaving and if he comes with her they can be together forever. I don’t think he really understands how literally she means those words. All the same, a kiss becomes a bite and a moment later he’s screaming for her to get off him. Elena finds them just in time to draw Vicky’s attention. When Stefan sees Elena being munched on by Vicky, he takes the only course of action he can think of. He stakes Vicky.

Back at the house, Jeremy is beyond distraught over the loss of Vicky, which has brought back the loss of his parents. Stefan is waiting outside and Elena comes out to ask him to glamour the memory of the night away for Jeremy because she doesn’t think he can live with it. Unfortunately Stefan doesn’t think he can accomplish it because he doesn’t feed on human blood. Which is when we get the second surprise from Damon as he appears and offers to do it. As he disappears in the house, Elena says she wishes she could forget it all too, and not just this night. She would also like to forget meeting Stefan, finding out he’s a vampire and everything that’s happened since. Stefan looks crestfallen over the idea until she adds that she can’t lose how she feels about him.

Do you believe Damon glamoured away Jeremy’s memories, or did he put something far darker in his head? Is he going to be able to convince the mayor and his wife that Zach is just on vacation and that he’s their new vervain connection? 

Posted by:Jessica Paff