2013 witches vampire diaries american horror story cw fx 'The Vampire Diaries' to 'Sleepy Hollow': 2013 was a very good year for witches on TV

There are always witches on TV, but 2013 turned out to be one of the best years for them. From “The Vampire Diaries” to “American Horror Story” to “Sleepy Hollow,” witches were all over television in the past year.

But not all witches are created equal. Instead, it’s entirely possible that some of the witches on TV would defeat the other ones if they ever met.

Witches on ‘The Vampire Diaries’

Bonnie may have spent much of 2013 dead or kind of nuts, but she wasn’t the only magically inclined person on “The Vampire Diaries.” Back in the day, both Silas and Qetsiya were witches, after all, and they pretty much made the entire supernatural mess that is the “TVD” world.

None of the other witches in this universe can even compare. Therefore, they …

… Can beat up witches on ‘The Originals’

Most of the witches on “The Originals” would even have trouble facing down someone like Bonnie. Even super-powered Davina the teenage witch doesn’t hold a candle to a couple-thousand-year-old lady like “TVD” lady Qetsiyah.

Witches that let vampires push them around are hard to really respect too. Still, you can’t argue with that power. For this reason, the “Originals” witches …

… Can beat up witches on ‘American Horror Story: Coven’

No matter how much power the witches of “American Horror Story” are capable of wielding, they spend far too much time working to destroy each other to really be a threat to anyone else. But if put in a contest with some other shows’ witches, that might be a different matter. These ladies could really do some damage and totally …

… Can beat up witches on ‘Witches of East End’

When you’ve got a family of essentially middle-class, peace-loving witches whose main deal seems to lie in just not being dead, other witchy types might take advantage. The Beauchamp women barely survived the first season. Could they possibly make it through an onslaught of the “TVD,” “Originals” or “AHS”? Probably not. But at least the “East End” ladies …

… Can beat up witches on ‘Sleepy Hollow’

Katrina Crane may have saved her husband’s life from Death Itself. But the various evil things seemed to best her pretty thoroughly. Maybe she and some of the other good witches will make it back — at which point, maybe they can rank higher. Will the “Sleepy Hollow” witches dominate 2014?

Posted by:Laurel Brown